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  • Shop and Caddigger page

    I put up a web page that shows some of my shop and the construction saga of a Caddigger backhoe. Unfortunately, I ran out of time to finish it and the project is for sale, but it might be of interest to anyone who thought about building one of these.

    Check out


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    May be a good deal, but there is a place for "for sale" Items and it is not here, Or so I have read.


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      Yeah, but the "for sale" part is incidental. Most of the page covers construction and fabrication issues which I thought would be of general interest.


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        Nice page Paul. Looks like you had lots of fun getting this thing close to being done. As for the sale part, I agree that the building sections and notes far outweigh any sale info.

        To be honest, everything I got is for sale if the price is right. Which means any photo I have posted might be considered a sales request. Well, except for the wife. If I had to suffer for the past 8 years, she gets to suffer too.
        Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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          Rock: somethings, like the mill, the lathe.. I am attached to in a manner that I remember how hard they were to move and rework. I'd price them in a manner to make people walk off.

          Yard things and toys? they get sold all the time. (cars, bikes, projects) Them are works in projects. I had to move the 54 ford again. The frame clip still needs the gusset plates welded on. 92+ degree days make that 'not gonna happen this week.


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            <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Welding in the evening attracts all manner of moths and bugs to the welding arc where they immediately die, crisp, and burst into flame. It's pretty disgusting, so I moved my welding to daylight hours and restrict evenings to part fabrication.</font>
            LOL! That's hilarious, but probably smells pretty bad.



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              Oh yeah, particularly the big furry ones. :-)

              The new shop is going to have a vent hood over the welding table so I can weld with the doors shut


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                Paul, nice job! Looks like a lot of work. Thanks for the post. If you do build your vent hood please post it too. I'm faced with the same project when I'm able to get around to it. Will you give it it's own air supply or take it from the room? I thought of drawing air from the outside under the welding table to the vent above the table so I don't loose as much airconditioned/heated room air. At this point its' still just a thought.
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