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JET horizontal bandsaw cleanup and fix

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  • JET horizontal bandsaw cleanup and fix

    I bought an old (2001) JET bandsaw a few weeks ago and decided to get it all fixed up so that I can make it dirty again. I could not believe the condition of a saw that is only a few years old. I know where it was and I know the workers out there are hard on things, but this was bad!

    A few photos
    As I found it -

    In parts and clean -

    The cleaning area -

    First assembly and paint -

    Running -

    I still have yet to fix the coolant tank. It is plastic and had a corner that was badly cracked. I tried to heat weld it back together, but the crack was too large and I made it worse than it was. Didn't see that one comming.

    Also the tank is HDPE and just waxy as anything. I think that I might bend up a tank at work and tig it together out of stainless. It would then be better than plastic anyway.

    Another problem I saw with this setup is the bearings. The idler wheel for the saw blade had bearings with a seal on one side. Someone took the bearings out for something and put them in backward alowing chips to get in there. As you might guess, the bearings ate them selves up. Also, It looked like coolant was getting into the bearings as well. I decided to put in a zerk fitting to allow me to insert grease into the bearings. Now I just need to keep an eye on them.

    I found blades for $10 at HF. I dont like the fact that these blades do not have any depth to the tooth and the kurf is small. But for $10 and it is running, I can continue to look around.

    Also, the idler bearings for this thing are almost $20 at jet. A trip down to the local Andersons store turned up the same bearings for $6.00 ea. Plus they also had a bearing to match the blade guide bearings.

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    .......A very nice cleanup-rebuild job. Looks nice.

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