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XP windows setup to run Mach2

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  • XP windows setup to run Mach2

    ** First check your system Bios for a setting called
    "Advanced C1E Enable" in CPU BIOS settings and disable it.

    0. Install Windows in Standard PC Mode

    1. When you see the installation tell you to press F6 (Third Party
    SCSI or RAID Drivers) press F5 instead.
    2. You will see Press F2 for Automated System Recovery, (DONT press
    3. Right after that you will see a list.
    4. Press the UP arrow key to highlight Standard PC.

    When installing, make SURE you install all of the most recent drivers
    for your
    Hardware. This is vital!

    1. Disable Visual Effects

    1. Right-click on your desktop, and then click Properties.
    2. Click the Appearance tab.
    3. On the Windows and Buttons menu, select Windows Classic.
    4. Press Effect button.
    5. Deselect all options (maybe leave ClearType on)
    6. Hit OK

    2. Set Processor Scheduling for Background Services

    1. Right Click My Computer and select Properties
    2. Click Advanced tab.
    3. For "Processor Scheduling" set for Background Services
    4. Click OK.

    3. Optimize Virtual Memory Swap File

    1. Right Click My Computer and select Properties
    2. Click Advanced tab.
    3. Press Change for Memory Useage / Virtual Memory
    4. Depending on how much RAM you actually have is what you are going
    to enter here: If you have 256MB RAM set this to 512 for Min and Max
    If you have 512MB RAM set this to 768 for Min and Max If you have
    1024MB RAM set this to 1536 for Min and Max
    5. Once entered hit SET
    6. Hit OK
    7. and then Hit OK Again.

    4. Disable System Restore

    1. Right Click My Computer and select Properties
    2. Click System Restore tab.
    3. Click "Turn off System Restore on all Drives"
    4. Click OK.

    5. Disable Error Reporting

    1. Right Click My Computer and select Properties
    2. Click Advanced tab.
    3. Click Error Reporting button at bottom.
    4. Click "Disable Error Reporting"
    5. Click OK.

    6. Disable Automatic Updates

    1. Right Click My Computer and select Properties
    2. Click Automatic Updates tab.
    3. Uncheck Keep my computer updated..
    4. Click OK.

    7. Disable Remote Assistance

    1. Right Click My Computer and select Properties
    2. Click Remote tab.
    3. Uncheck "Allow Remote Assistance Invitations.".
    4. Click OK.

    8. Disable Remote Desktop

    1. Right Click My Computer and select Properties
    2. Click Remote tab.
    3. Uncheck "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer"
    4. Click OK.

    9. Set Computer to Standard PC NOT ACPI PC
    NOTE: This is only necessary if you wish to remove ACPI AFTER install.
    If you followed step 0, you don't need to do this.

    1. Right Click My Computer and select Properties
    2. Click Hardware tab.
    3. Click Device Manager Button in the middle.
    4. Double click "Computer".
    5. Right click on Standard ACPI PC and choose Update Driver.
    6. Choose "Install the software from a Specific Location (Advanced)"
    7. Click Next.
    8. Choose "Don't search. I will choose driver to install."
    9. Click Next.
    10. Choose "Standard PC" from the listing.
    11. Click Next.
    12. Click OK.

    10. Enable DMA on all Disk Controllers

    1. Right Click My Computer and select Properties
    2. Click Hardware tab.
    3. Click Device Manager Button in the middle.
    4. Double click "IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers"
    5. Right click on Primary IDE Channel and choose Properties.
    6. Click Advanced Settings tab.
    7. Choose for Transfer Mode: DMA if Available.
    8. Click OK.
    9. Right click on Secondary IDE Channel and choose Properties.
    10. Click Advanced Settings tab.
    11. Choose for Transfer Mode: DMA if Available.
    12. Click OK.

    11. Disable Startup Items in Registry

    1. Click Start button.
    2. Click Run.
    3. Type MSCONFIG and press [ENTER].
    4. Click Startup tab.
    5. Uncheck anything you think you don't need.
    6. Click OK.
    7. Exit MSCONFIG.

    12. Disable Startup Program Group Items in Start Menu

    1. Right click Start button and choose Open.
    2. Double click Programs.
    3. Double click Startup.
    4. Delete anything you think you don't need.
    5. Close window.

    13. Optimize System Services

    1. Click Start Button.
    2. Click Run.
    3. Type SERVICES.MSC and press [ENTER].
    4. Set your services to these:

    Alerter Automatic

    DHCP Client Automatic

    DNS Client Automatic

    Event Log Automatic

    IMAPI CD-Burning Automatic

    ICF/ICS Automatic

    Logical Disk Manager Automatic

    Plug and Play Automatic

    Print Spooler Automatic

    Remote Access Auto Connection Manager Automatic

    Remote Procedure Call Automatic

    Routing and Remote Access Automatic

    Secondary Logon Automatic

    Security Accounts Manager Automatic

    Server Automatic

    Shell Hardware Detection Automatic

    System Event Notification Automatic

    TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Automatic

    Telephony Automatic

    Upload Manager Automatic

    Windows Audio Automatic

    Windows Image Acquisition Automatic

    Windows Management Instrumentation Automatic

    Windows Time Automatic

    Wireless Zero Configuration Automatic

    Workstation Automatic

    Human Interface Device Access Automatic

    Application Layer Gateway Service Manual

    COM+ Event System Manual

    Cryptographic Services Manual

    Network Connections Manual

    Remote Access Connection Manager Manual

    SSDP Discovery Service Manual

    Universal Plug and Play Device Host Manual

    ALL OTHERS Disabled

    5. Click OK.

    14. Optimize in Registry

    1. Click Start button.
    2. Click Run.
    3. Type NOTEPAD and press [ENTER].
    4. Copy the below lines to the clipboard.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControLSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E96A-


    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Filesystem]


    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentContolSet\Control \Filesystem]


    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\FileSystem]


    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Explorer


    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\PriorityControl]


    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\FileSystem\CDFS]




    5. Paste into notepad.
    6. Save file as Optimize Registry Settings.reg
    7. Close notepad.
    8. Double click Optimize Registry Settings.reg
    9. Answer Yes/Ok when prompted to merge registry.

    15. Add below to SYSTEM.INI:

    1. Click the Start Button.
    2. Click Run.
    3. Type SYSTEM.INI and press [ENTER].
    4. Find the section with [386 enh] and add this:

    [386 enh]

    5. Add this section at the top under [386 enh]


    16. Set Windows Theme to CLASSIC

    1. Right-click on your desktop, and then click Properties.
    2. Click on Themes tab
    3. Set Themes to Windows Classic
    4. Hit OK

    17. Disable Indexing on all NTFS drives

    1. Double click My Computer.
    2. Right click on hard drive and choose Properties.
    3. On bottom, uncheck "Allow Indexing Service to index this file for
    faster searching". 4. Hit OK.

    18. Run diskperf -n

    1. Click the Start Button.
    2. Click Run.
    3. Type DISKPERF -N and press [ENTER].

    19. Disable Autoplay on all CD-ROM Drives

    1. Double click My Computer.
    2. Right click CD-ROM drive and choose Properties.
    3. Click AutoPlay tab.
    4. For rest of steps you need to go through each one of the types:
    Music Files, Pictures, Video Files, Mixed Content, Music CD, and Blank
    CD these steps:

    A. Choose Select an action to perform (at top).
    B. Choose "Take no action from list"".

    5. Click OK.

    20. Disable MSN Messenger

    1. Double click on the Messenger icon in the system tray to open it.
    2. Skip thru the internet and sign up stuff, just cancel it.
    3. When Messenger loads go to Tools -> Options then Preferences.
    4. Uncheck 'Run this program when windows starts'

    21. Disable Power Management

    1. Right-click on your desktop, and then click Properties.
    2. Click on the Screen Saver tab.
    3. Set Screensaver to None.
    4. Press the Power button near the bottom.
    5. Set all options to NEVER shut down automatically!

    22. Disable Wallpaper

    1. Right-click on your desktop, and then click Properties.
    2. Click on the Desktop tab.
    3. Where it says Background, scroll all the way up and choose None.
    4. Click OK.

    23. Disable System Sounds

    1. Click Start Button.
    2. Click Settings.
    3. Click Control Panel
    4. Double click Sounds and Audio Devices.
    5. Click Sounds tab.
    6. For Sound Scheme, choose "No Sounds".
    7. Click OK.

    24. Update Windows

    1. Double click on Internet Explorer from desktop.
    2. Select Tools from menu then Windows Update.
    3. Follow instructions.
    4. If update tells you to reboot, do so!

    25. Install Programs

    Do not install any programs you will not use. Only install programs
    that you DEPEND on for what you do on your computer. Keeping things
    lean and mean will keep your system fast and stable.

    26. Maintain Hard disk

    1. Double click on My Computer.
    2. Right click on Hard Disk and choose Properties.
    3. Click Tools tab.
    4. For Error Checking click Check Now. Do before Defrag!
    5. Click Defragment Now, AFTER Error Checking completes.
    6. Click OK.

  • #2
    Basically you nearly convert windows XP into dos mode.

    You know my timing subroutines might run in Windows after I cut it's lil **** off... I have been working for five years and keep failing.


    • #3
      Instead of relying on Real time from the computer to drive the CNC stuff, why not go with a buffered system, much like burn free on CDRW drives?
      Can you do that? Send data ahead to the controller that is stored so if the computer hickups, it does not wreck the part?


      • #4

        I know you are a software guy, as am I so I want your opinion on Mach2. Having to do all that in order to get it to run properly seems excessive. That being said, Windows is nowhere near a real time, multitasking, operating system.

        However, given the immense CPU power available for chump change these days you would think this would not be an issue. I mean my PC will write a DVD and CD at the same time and not even blink. You would think the Mach2 guys would work in a buffering routine to take care of these timing issues.

        But once again, Windows does suck.
        James Kilroy


        • #5
          Who said I was a software guy? Bill gates has been kicking my butt for years. I refused to put windows onto my machines till 95, the internet dos software sucked. I didn't know better.

          The XP configuration once set, and I have only gotten to the second page. The motors sound cleaner and smoother.

          Before I'd have a windows balloon pop up and my mill would wobble. I just disabled it.

          The jury is still out. Dos is still the king.

          I rewired my machine today to one parallel port. I stripped out wires for four hours..

          Now the next time Bill_G pisses me off I can boot freedos and run turbocnc.

          I have yet to get EMC to work. It has a Real time kernel. Rtai? a system interupt frequency generator. It sounds better, but I have spent hours and hours trying to get it loaded and configured. I am not a linux guy either. I do love the way it grabs IP numbers and runs right outa the box tho.



          • #6
            Mariss of geckodrive has the "usb" pulse train generator like you spoke of for hte cdburners.

            Check his site out..
            We have made up over the burned up 201's, I actually bought two more 202's and they are hoeing a row.



            • #7
              i've been running Mach2 for a few months now (and just recently upgraded to Mach3) .. its driving a CNC plasma.

              i haven't gone through the optimization checklist and everything is running great.

              in fact, switching to Mach3 allows me to run in 35Mhz mode -- something I couldn't do in Mach2.

              this is all on a standard out-of-the-box XP install. i have nothing else on the machine except a CAD program.

              it doesn't even have a floppy drive (aint that a sign of the times).. got me one of those fancy USB keychains. best 4.5million dollars i ever spent.



              • #8

                Mine ran fine too.. then I installed a LinkSYS card.. and had tears in my eyes twice. I kicked the wall once today, I was so frustrated. Mach2 has bit a bullet. Won't run at all.. but.. Mach3 is running.

                I went through most the configuration of windows. The motors sound better.. a more stable pitch.

                I am machining the "next generation" of cheap plasma-flame cutter here. I got some good ball bearing drawer slides, cable drive to be able to sit whole shebang onto a piece of plate, or.. swivel on the drum head I am using a receptacle for slag.

                I envisioned magnetic mounts.. they may come later.

                Gecko 202's run fine. I have them set up at .3 amps for the smallish motors. About 150-200 oz motors.

                I am looking at flashcut.. Reckon Metacut would work if I inserted a tool for the flame? compensation that is?



                • #9
                  FROM ART, (third party disclosure) usually illegal... How many software producers give you access to the "author" to help debug? Bill Gates does not return my emails..


                  > I have rewired the machine to one port, the second port is not seen

                  > by freedos/turbocnc. It boots and runs. I now have a backup if bill kicks my butt again.

                  Good, when you need a machine, nothing screws up your head more than Windows f**king you around. Shouldnt happen though, once set up, most usually have no problem sfrom then on. (unless they upgrade in which case they may fight again to get things just right.. )

                  > I got to page two on the configurations, (not done all the typing part yet) motors sound smoother, how did it run this long?

                  Its surprising just how bad things can be and still run....

                  > Mach2/6.? says I have not set spindle speed and will not run the spindle. Back through the setup over and over.. checked then unchecked the boxes.. still the same.

                  The S word is set to zero. Use the config/state to set a init string of S100, that will set a spindle speed of 100
                  so the spindle can work.. It just wont start at zero speed is all..

                  > Mach3 seems to run fine again. I have found some squirrels in the wizards.. I am using home (up) at (0-zero) and negative as it approaches the table.. No matter how I enter the pocket data it still starts at the highest point plus first step.. If I get mad enough I will write my own..

                  Read it carefully, it may be asking for a negative number or you may be Assuming it is , depending on the wizard. Your Z setting is correct, + is up, - is down....

                  > I am going to have a beer.

                  Always a good idea when your getting frustrated. I usually see if I can find an episode of the Beverly hillbillies myself.

                  > Have you posted that page on yahoo? You should.. It should be emailed with every password... Of course I am the worst about "not reading directions".. too many chinese manuals..

                  I send it usually to folks who have trouble. The % is actually quite low. .

                  > THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP....

                  No problem, glad it helps. I'm usually around if things go south on you again..


                  > David


                  • #10
                    ..............................holy s**t.

                    I just got a new Dell with XP and MY biggest concern is how to get email without clicking on "send/receive" every time!

                    I'll just go sit over here.


                    • #11

                      Hell, lemme send you a parallal cable and some boards to play with.. Get the bug going in you...

                      Nothing like having a new toy.. I can set turbocnc to run a tiny motor for you off the boards..

                      If ya ain't learning, ya are stagnating..
                      My typing sucks, I am about gone for hte night..



                      • #12
                        "...cable...boards...turbocnc..." when I read that it translates to " baffled...confused...befuddled".

                        And stagnation isn't bad.

                        I consider it the philosophical equivalent of wetlands.


                        • #13
                          I was toying with the idea of switching to Mach 2/3. The list of trouble shooting notes above convinces me that TurboCNC is just fine! After all, it is producing chips reliably and I am getting comfortable using it. There is something to the old addage:

                          If it works, don't fool with it.


                          • #14

                            The wizards in Mach2.3 make it all worthwhile. It is faster than turbocnc too. BUT with a 200+ pound table not much..

                            If you need a polar set of holes, just punch in the number, the center , the degrees, the diameter and it writes the code.. there are about twenty now different ones including one scan w.probe..

                            I may write the same thing for turbocnc in a exe format. I will run turbocnc on the plasma cutter for a while.

                            Mine is working fine.. today..


                            • #15
                              Well I'm running Mach3 with wizards on a W2000 box,
                              Straight install with no bells and whistles then installed Mach3.
                              No problems, no editing and it runs like a dream.
                              Start to finish just under 1/2 hour including 3 coffee's and two reboots.

                              Now if you fancy a challenge try EMC !!!!!!

                              Sir John.

                              Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.