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  • Belt and pulley source

    I'm looking for a north american (preferably canadian) supplier of belts, pulleys, etc. V-belts as well as timing belts. I'm looking for small/narrow belts, 3mm, 5mm, 1/4", not terribly common stuff. I tried grainger with no luck, and though motion industry had alot of stuff they also have a terrible online ordering system that i fear ate my last order and now I'm stuck wondering if it went through or not until monday. So I'd like a new supply house with reasonable price and a good online ordering facility or atleast a online list of all the parts they have and descriptions to go with it.

    Any suggestions? Who do you guys use? I tried mcmaster-carr but i didnt really find any relevant results, maybe i missed it.

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    there's Canada Belting in Vaughan, they'll have or bring in most things.

    As for customer service, like most industrial supply houses, they are customer angry, hard to find out what they have, no internet product access, not catalogue and you have to phone for a specific pricing (thats the one i hate the most) These places all seem to have the max price they charge us home shop guys (one told me the other industry pays 45-55% less), yet they refuse to post that list price despite how helpfull it would be to the customer. oh well, hope that helps
    in Toronto Ontario - where are you?


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      Yep, mcgyver (nice name choice btw) thats how I feel about alot of these places, customer angry. I hate calling them because its always a hassle. I dont want to cause the sales guy grief and I certainly dont want to spend 1/2 an hour on the phone determining the correct part number out of the 3000 or so choices.

      I wish these types of places would just put their catalog online so I could get part numbers, then post some prices. Even just their regular instore price + 50% or something, heck I wouldnt even mind being dinged on some of those fees if I could save my own time by being able to get the parts I need in 5 minutes or less on their website rather then an hour long trip to town and back or 30 minutes on the phone or any of this other mallarky(sp?).

      How does industry actually deal with these supply houses, its frustrating. These industrial supply houses may be carrying "industrial supplies" but they should realize that they arent there just to service industry, they are the retailers for 1000s of product lines that can't be had anywhere else and as such some members of the public would like some FRIGGIN SERVICE, and maybe a working website.


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        Sorry, not Canadian, but any of the three links will get you what you want.

        Have fun,

        Ed Pacenka


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          Fellow Can-Knucklehead, out here in BC I use Kaman Industrial Technologies (supplier of Browning, Woods, Goodyear, Gates, etc.), and also BC Bearing Engineers, Ltd. ( a good source. Try to wait until you have a few things you need until you order, as they might have a minimum order ($50).


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            If you're lucky, these guys might have it:



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              Boston gear?


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                Here's another source that I used to purchase a timing belt and gear recently. They pretty much have it all but do require that you register with them by filling out a information sheet. Once you're approved orders go quickly. Their phone # is 800-681-7475 and Web address Hope this helps.


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                  Might try these guys:

                  They have 1/4" V belts, online ordering and easy to deal with.