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online source for perforated steel

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  • online source for perforated steel

    Can anyone recommend an online source that will sell a variety of perforated steel in 16 - 21 gauge in smaller sheets than 3' x 3' for just the metalworking hobbyist?


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    Try . I remember seeing all sort of perforated steel.



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      Most any steel distributor will sell to you - some have minimums. You can also try a search on for perforated sheet goods and woven wire cloth (mesh). Depending on what you are doing, the woven wire mesh is sometimes a better and much stronger option (you can also get it in nickel, Stainless, Monel, copper, brass, aluminum - you name it.


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        Thanks for the replies. Smallparts wants $29.50 for one square foot of S/S mesh (33 holes per square inch) + $10.95 2nd day shipping...heh I'll look up some the local guys.

        Wonder what I do with this stuff? Have look through my site


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          I have a Lian Li - Black, All aluminum. top fan, back fan, two drive fans, and a 6" on the side blowing filtered air in. Positive air pressure in case, drives stay dust free. No neon, but nifty chrome finger gaurds. 600W Power supply, copper Alpha Heatsink with 7500 rpm fan. Sounds like I have a super-mini on top of my desk. Ice cold baby. Even the Athalon & Radeon 9700 Pro are cold. I like it.

          I know, I know, I need a 43" Gas plasma.


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            Alpha Heatsink with 7500 rpm fan. Sounds like I have a super-mini on top of my desk.

            lol, that is loud.

            The last Lian Li I had, I sacrifice its access panel for a design on an Addtronics tower. That stuff cuts like butter.

            I wish I could post pics here. I just got some cool stainless steel fan filters in and love them.