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  • Atlas Lathe

    I've seen Atlas lathes a time or two but don't know much about them.

    What sizes are they made in? (or were)

    I see an ad in one of those regional classified ad weeklys for an Atlas, 4jaw, quick change, asking $595. Does that sound about right? (no mention made of condition)

    I don't really have room for it, but if anyone is near enough to Nth Ala to be interested I can provide the ph#.

    (I have no affiliation w/lathe or seller. Don't even know its exact location, other than a nth Ala area code)
    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)

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    I have a 10 x 36(54" oal) qc, but they made 12" also and a 6"x 18" but it never came with a factory qc.

    and the price is a bargain for ebay parts the qc would go for 6 to 700.00

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      Atlas made a 6, 9, 10,& 12 in different bed lengths. Most were also sold under the Craftsman name by Sears. (See link) Everything you wanted to know, but didn't know why.

      Have fun,
      Ed Pacenka


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        love mine...its a 12x36 with a QC...


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          They are in general a bit limber and flexible as to the bed.......

          But very nice work can be done with them.
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            I recently bought one of the 10 inch Atlas lathes that was sold by Sears. I only paid $50 for it with all the gears. I sold it to another machinist that works with me before I even moved it. I also have one of the small Atlas Shapers.
            Living By the Square and On the Level


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              Did Sears ever sell a Craftsman 10"?

              Seems to me there were Craftsman lathes of 6", 9", and 12" only. Atlas sold a 10" but not Sears.