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OT: big fire in s.e. Washington state.

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  • OT: big fire in s.e. Washington state.

    the wind is gusting to 30 mph today and it does not look good.

    here is some pictures I took saturday , about 30 miles from the fire.

    School Fire
    General InfoStatus Active Lead Agency USFS Location 16 miles south of Pomery Latitude 46آ° 14' 57" (46.2492) Longitude 117آ° 40' 43" (-117.6786) Fire Start Date 2005-08-05 Acres 41000.00 Square Miles 64.06 Percent Contained 35 Threatened Structures 176 Expected Containment unknown Cause Under Investigation More Info Approximately 176 structures and residences are under manditory evacuation orders. Several roads in the vicinity are closed to the public. Garfield and Columbia County Sheriffs are responsible for establishing evacuation orders.

    Status 35 residences have been confirmed lost. Structure loss is being assessed as areas are safe to enter. See for updates.

    ResourcesTotal People 1602 Crw-1* 5 Crw-2** 43 Helicopter 1 Fire Engines 127 Team Type*** 1

    Current Conditions
    Fuels Timber, grass,

    Terrain High

    Safety Steep ground with flashy light fuels under timber have caused this fire to exhibit extreme burning conditions today. Hazards related to the incident include hazardous footing, heavy recreational use, agricultural crop fields, ranch structures and remote

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    Fix that windshield, you are gonna get a ticket.

    And just who is this gal Dixie?

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      Its drizzling over here west of the mountains.
      Just a bit, but it should help our fire danger a little.

      Dixie is obviously named after our super sexy former governor.


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        We can smell that up here in Spokane.

        It is a serious fire. All that open stuble can really get carried away.

        As for Dixie, she had her own way of........



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          I spent my high school summers hauling wheat into the elavator just out of the picture to the right of that Dixie sign. I hope Dixie is doing better than then. A big stubble or wheat fire can be real scarry. Things happen very fast. By the way, white smoke is straw, black is grain, Sure looks like a crop burning. The FS report for this fire mentions timber.Do you know if the
          crops are finished? Wheat can be as late as Early september at the higher elevations.

          Thanks for the photo.


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            There might be some wheat left up high but not alot , most of the farmers are done this year, the wheat was falling off the heads so they havested as soon as possible.

            It looks like its going to be a long hard fight, wind 10-30 mph is not helping.

            all my logger friends are up fighting the fire as they have stopped the logging from fire danger.


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              Cracked windshield?? It's the Mason-Dixon Line. Can't you see he's entering Dixie?

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                Dixie is a wide spot in the road a few miles east of Walla Walla.

                We went grocery shopping in Clarkston Monday evening. Our car was covered with ashes when we came back out of the store. Clarkston is probably 20-30 miles downwind from the fire.

                We know some farmers and cabin owners in the affected area. The poor folks must be worried sick, not knowing whether their property survived, or not. Most likely, their worst fears will probably be realized.

                So many projects. So little time.


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                  Here's the School fire from a different perspective:

                  There's a lot of other interesting photos on the site, if you've got the time. Click "more images" or visit:

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                    Weve had a couple big fires up here. Red lake had to be evacuated years ago and by thunder bay graham road area was burnt up pretty bad. Time to get out of town , Take care,