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Anyone download the Alibre free CAD program

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  • Anyone download the Alibre free CAD program

    I downloaded the free Alibre free CAD program and it looks reasonably good except that like most 3D programs it has a steep learning curve and unless you use it all the time, it is hard to remember the steps it requires. Anyone else have any experience with it.

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    I downloaded and installed it. I havn't the gumption yet to try it out. It seems to have some decent tutorials - but one can't really tell until trying them.

    My problem is that I always need the drawings "yesterday" and it is faster to warm up the ol' pencil than learn or relearn how to use the program.

    Ed Bryant


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      I registred for it but forget to get it. Now I can't find any info either in my email confirmation or the saved site. Anybody able to supply me the url?

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        Search your inbox for mail from this guy:
        Greg Milliken [mailto:[email protected]]

        If you have spam filter, it might have been sent to the bit bucket, so check there too.

        Ed Bryant


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          there is the link they sent me.


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            Yes got the download on the first as they promised.
            There was a bit of a muck up with some features disabled that they hadn't said but they did agree to reinstate these features for the original 100,000

            All in all a very useful and powerful program.
            The base version is adequate enough for most people except the most demanding tasks but for what is basically a free non time limited program you can't go wrong.

            Sir John

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              I got in on the 1 0f 100000 deal. Downloaded tried to install keep getting "error missing file needed to install failure. So now I'll have to reload and it's big on a dail up line 4 hours. But I'll try again.
              Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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                downloaded it and have been going thru the tutorials, definately a steep learning curve, but it seems to work really well.


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                  I downed loaded it as well, but have not run it yet.
                  Will it run in windows 98 SE or do I need XP?
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                    I downloaded it but I'll have to wait until I have a more powerful computer, it was excruciatingly slow on my machine (Win 98, PIII 750mhz and 380M ram,well below the recommended system for running it.)
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                      I have down loaded and installed it .

                      I like it even though it does have a steep learning curve.
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                        I'm using the retail Pro version of Alibre and was surprised at how easy it was to pick up at least the basics. I think it took me about 10-15 hours with the tutorials over less than a week to get comfortable with it. I use it now now anywhere from once to a few times per month or so and haven't had any trouble remembering how to use it.

                        2-D CAD was another story for me - total frustration.

                        Guess that's just another example of YMMV.

                        Mike Henry near Chicago


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                          I got my download and fired it up Friday night. I did have to download Virtual Machine from Microsoft before Design Xpress would load. Went through the first 3D tutorial which took about 45 min for me. It seems like a very nice piece of software. I have no experience in 3D cad but have in the past made extensive use of 2D systems (ME10) at work but nothing at home.

                          My thanks to Sir John for posting a message about it to the board else I wouldn't have known about it. While I will mostly use it for 2D tasks (haven't run those tutorials yet) for me it looks to be a "good thing". Oh yeah, My version will import an Autocad .dwg file with no apparent problems. Sure can't beat the price and the ad's are unobtrusive in a strip at the top of the window.

                          San Diego, CA


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                            So, did we miss out if we forgot to go and sign up with them?

                            Keep eye on ball.
                            Hashim Khan


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                              J Tiers
                              No, you can still download the freeware from the website however I think there may be some features missing from that version that are in the first 100k to sign up. I don't know what those are but I think they had to do with import/export of files. I looked in the user forum but didn't find the reference I'd seen. Perhaps John S knows.

                              San Diego, CA