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Harbor freight has a 60 tooth saw blade for $10, How do they do that?

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  • Harbor freight has a 60 tooth saw blade for $10, How do they do that?

    In one of Harbor freight's latest flyers they have a 10 inch 60 tooth carbide tipped saw blade for $10.00. I paid over $50 for the last one I bought. Knowing Harbor Freight's reputation, I'd be reluctant to buy it. Has anybody had any experience with these cheep (obviously made in the far east) Blades?

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      I'm pretty sure you can still buy an American made blade. They last longer and keep your hands much cleaner.


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        Don't know about that one, but bought a couple of "Moly Carb" 10" X 40T blades a while back to use on my mitre saw.....for something like $3.50 ea. Still on the first one. Will eventually use them to cut scrapwood (with nails -- firewood) which was the original intention. They seem as good as any blades that I have paid $20ea. for locally. Have other OK HF items, ring roller and scroll maker that were also very cheap. You can see that mitre saw here:


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          there is no standard for carbide. It only needs trace elements to be called carbide. I'm told, by a guy who sharpens saws, you can get a decent indicator to the quality of carbide by its color. that's one way to sell'em cheaper,.

          Another way is to tell the children making them that they can have an extra minute of TV for every blade they make if they can stay awake for 12 hour days.
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            They only put on 47 teeth, and sell the extras to the Brits. Topct, you've got way too much spare time!
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