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    Does anyone have any experience with King Industrial lathes and mills available up here in Canada? Specifically, there is a 12 x 36 bench lathe and a Rong Fu 45 clone I am looking at. Any help would be appreciated.

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    The King stuff I've owned (mostly woodworking) has been of pretty decent quality. I've had a look at one of their BP clone mills and it's a pretty nice machine.
    However....their stuff is REALLY pricey compared to House of Tools and Busy Bee.
    Some of the machine dealers (in Calgary) carry good machines of similar quality for a lot less money than King.
    Eg...a BP clone from King was around $8700...the same thing (made in Taiwan) from Modern in Calgary is about $6400.
    You must have some machine dealers out in Ontario who have the same thing.
    Pays to look around when it comes to Asian machines.
    You may want to look on Ebay also. There are quite a few mills selling in Ontario that I'd love to have but the cost of shipping out to BC is far too high and I can't run out there to look at a machine just to see if it's any good.
    Some of these mills go for dirt cheap BTW.
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      Yeah, I am out here in BC as well. I try, and I just cannot get excited about eBay. I've heard way too many horror stories, and I like to pinch it, kick it, and slap it before I buy it. I know King might be a bit pricey, but I just want to avoid buying a chinese knockoff. There is always a reason it is cheaper.


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        I have both a King 7x12 minilathe and a House of Tools minimill. I would say the quality of both is very good. The King is made in Taiwan. The House of Tools mill is made in the PRC although on two occasions the folks at House of Tools assured me that they specify to a higher level of quality. You can take that for what it's worth but I've compared my machines to other Chinese imports and they are definitely better fit and finish. Also, before I bought the minimill I had considered one of the round column mill drills. I compared the same model from King and Busy Bee and the King was noticeably better in quality. I don't know how other machines compare as I only checked out one model of mill drill. I guess you have to decide if the extra cost is worth the extra quality. Both of my machines were useable out of the box.


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          Sorry..for some reason I thought you where in Ontario.
          You wouldn't be near the coast would you?
          I can almost guarantee that the mills sold by King aren't $2000 better than Moderns. As for the RF45...did you check House of Tools?
          I have tools I don't even know I own...


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            King are junky. Avoid and buy used decent models that you need. Maybe a new first mill.


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              I just got an e-mail back from King, and their mills are Rong Fu's. As for the First, I don't reall y have the space for a full sized model. Would be great, though, they're nice.


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                Madman; do you have any first hand experience with King?


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                  Hi there.

                  I bought a 918 lathe (made in Taiwan) from them a few years ago - good machine but needed "tuning" to get it accurate. Recently I decided to get a spare set of half-nuts but was told by King that they no longer carry parts for that particular unit as they are now getting them from China.

                  Yuo may want to look at the 1236 lathe sold by KBC as they have a branch in BC. They are on sale now for $3803 and the fit and finish is very good. I checked it out in the Mississauga showroom recently. Their after sales service should be ok as they are quite a big concern.

                  Good luck with your quest.