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  • Garage sale finds

    Guess what I missed out on a southbendlathe w/ all the tooling and the largest tool box that craftsman makes clear full of hand tools and machinist tools all because I was at work and my wife did not know what they where when she was at the garage sale not too mention lack of funds for all of it could of got the lathe cheap $60 US, but **** happens this makes 2 time that I have missed good stuff. I got way out bid on the lathe some one with deep pockets got it.
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    Sucks to have day job.


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      Why don’t you take your wife for a tour of your shop and show her what kind of things to look for. I have a sister that likes to go to 2nd hand shops and garage sales. Every year for Christmas she bundles up all the “treasuresâ€‌ she finds and gives them to me. It is amazing what she finds and I look forward to her gift each year! Maybe your wife would enjoy doing this too!


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        Been there done that it must not of sunk in been machining for a living now several years you would think that as many times as she has come into the shop she would know .I keep showing her etc mabe it will pay off on the lucky third find .
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          How's this for a garage sale story? Last Saturday I'm coming home from the grocery store and spot a sale 3 blocks from home.

          The usual assortment of old mechanics tools, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc. But back in the corner is a table saw all taken apart. Quick check shows it's an older model Delta Unisaw. I approach the 25 yr old who's helping his mother sell grandpa's tools. "How about 10 bucks", he says. "Sure!!!!" 5 minutes later it's in the back of my pickup.

          As I start to drive away here comes the mother running after me. Of course I stop, this had to be too good a deal to be true.

          Turns out she wanted to thank me for hauling that piece of junk away, they were worried no one would want it. She's glad some one got it who will put it to use.

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            Dam if it wasn't for bad luck I would not have any luck at all. Congrats.
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              Lucked into a sale where the deceased owner was some form of toolmaker....

              Large number of thread gages, ID, and OD as well as a bunch of hole size gages, over under and at normal sizes.... All were go / not-go gages.

              Started picking out a few, then decided I'd offer to take the lot.... $50. Any one of them would have been well over $50 to buy, and there are about 150 of them. at least half of them I can use, the rest who knows?

              Oh, yeah, a bunch of Deltronic pins as well, about 30, were in there. Most all of useful sizes. Most folks there had no clue what they were looking at....

              I missed the heavy 10 S-B which went for a competitive price, and there was an Atlas mill, with Marvin head, that went for $800, which is I suppose in the range for those. I didn't need them, although the heavy 10 would have been nice if it had been less.

              Another sale, every issue of HSM up to 1996, and a few later, at $0.20 per issue, PLUS an Atlas 4" horizontal bandsaw at $50. It sure beats a chinese has a hydraulic damper feed.....

              The deals are out there.


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                Just what are Deltronic pins?
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                  Gage pins by one of the finest gage makers to come down the pike. Still in business today.


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                    I recently purchased a lathe sold by Sears for $50. Sold it for $200 before I ever picked it up. Every Saturday morning I go yard sale wouldn't believe what all I find.
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                      You ever see one of those quart sized buckets they sold beer in at bars bucket of beer night. well I found one at a g-salepeeked in it ans with the screews, nuts, bolts and whatever was a bottom full of old coins, I asked how much? she said a buck, i paid and was going when the Man of the house came running out the door and said wait, dummy me I did,he caches up to me and grabed the bucket out of my hand and said it is 5 dollars if i still want it. I said perhaps if i can look in it once more he handed it to me I said its already paid for and did not let go, went to my truck with him yelling at me.Sold the coins for $36.00 to a guy that collects them.


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                        A four dollar mentality.

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                          Hell john, Not you to.

                          But that would be $35 profit instead of a $31.