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    Can anyone recommend a small, flexible anodizing shop? I have a project, all dims less than 8", and need to find a place that can do custom colors (or at least a wide variety.)

    While I realize I could do it myself, this is just not the right time to start playing with new skill. I was about to send my parts off to a place in ^Texas that does paintball guns, and they went out of business in the course of a few weeks. Now I'm afraid to send almost 200 hours of machining just anywhere, and all the local commercial shops won't do much other than black and clear.

    Any help or recommendations would be appreciated.



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    Strange ...

    Was just going to e-mail you about what software you ended up using on your CNC mill. Strange ...... just last night I was reading about anodizing at home;

    Something for the Buell?


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      If Ron at the site can't do it try Randy at

      Ron just got a new CNC lathe and has been very busy getting it going.
      Mark Hockett


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        I drive close by a shop everymorning that has been in business over 20 years. He does stuff for several aerospace types (Moog and some others) I had some stuff done from him and I thought he was pretty damn reasonable.

        Gold Tech Plating (716)652-5000
        6701 Seneca St
        Elma, NY 14059
        Category: Plating

        edited to correct above address

        I went by the place on way home from work. they were closed. The correct info is,

        Seneca Plating
        7540 Seneca Street
        Elma, NY 14059



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          Thanks to everyone for the replies. I was offline for a while, but will look into your recommendations now.

          Ray, your suggestion sounds good since I'm in the upstate area.

          Smokedaddy, I think you have me confused with someone else. No Buell.

          Actually, this job is a faucet.

          Thanks Again,



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            Yep, sure did, sorry about that.