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  • OT- Computer/software question

    1. On XP, if you delete a user, does it delete all of thier files, programs and stuff? (looking to clean up 1 older computer and move some its contents to 2 others)

    2. Re Acronis True image. My understanding is that it will move the contents of a HD onto another, XP and all. If true, does it also move the drivers and other utility type programs that make a puter run, therefor causing all kinds of conflics?

    3. If True Image does do a complete move, do you have to register windows or what?

    Thanks all for your help.

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    Don't know about number one, I've never deleted a user. As for two and three I've never used True Image as I prefer Norton Ghost, it will make an exact copy of the old HD so yes the drivers are moved along with all the data, usually you just need to install the drivers for the new machine. You will need to register windows as it will detect that it's running on a different machine, same goes for Norton Antivirus 2005. I know this because i built two nearly identical computers recently and used Ghost to save the time of a second install. This registering garbage is why I prefer win2k at home, the rig I'm using right now is on it's 4th motherboard and third HD (upgrades, not failures) and it works just fine with no hassle of re-registering each time.

    -Christian D. Sokolowski


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      I don't think it will delete any files beyond what is in the profile. This would be all the desktop settings and the shortcuts and the customizations. If the user security profile is removed then any file that is "owned" by that user and secured by any passwords or encryption will not be accessible. For this reason it is better to disable user profiles than it is to delete them.

      If you are having problems with the user "hive" or the collection of profiles on a computer (often because of upgrading from 98 or ME) you should use the tool Microsoft has developed for hive problems. It has solved quite a few for me.

      Still there is really no good profile upgrade between systems based on 98 or ME and those based on Windows NT like XP. It might seem like it works but problems arise.

      The only good solution is to do a clean install and create a new profile. Save and restore all the users files.


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        Save all your stuff that you want to keep. Reformat the drive. I prefer FAT32 because it is a bit faster than NTFS and easier to recover if the **** hits the fan. If you intend to format FAT32 over 38 MB you have to use a WIN98 or ME boot disk. The format utility on the boot CD for XP will not format FAT32 larger than 38 MB. Go figure.

        Install all drivers etc. There are a lot of custom settings that will make Windblows run about twice as fast compared to the default install. Way too much to post here. I charge about $50 to $75 to set up a machine if all drivers are included.

        I spent about three hours a couple of days ago looking for a driver for a Sound Blaster card. It says SOUNDBLASTER MODEL 6061 right on the card.

        On thier web site they claim they have never made such a card. On thier user forum many people ask for a driver for this model of card. A forum moderator gave a link to a driver for this non-existent sound card. It worked. I guess they actually made such a card after all. GRRRRR.
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