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  • Slitting saw

    I have never used a slitting saw before and I am seeking advice for doing a slitting saw operation.
    I have 1/4" water hardened drill rod and I want to use a HSS slitting saw blade that is 2.75" dia. and .057" thick to cut a slit 1" long. Is this doable and do normal feeds and speeds apply?

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    yup, nope and yup, for cutter speed normal is going to be around 50-60 sfm - ie normal for hss into annealed tool steel.

    the nope is for feeds. the reason is that arbors aren't perfect and invariable the saw cuts on only a few teeth. its a fragile little cutter to begin with so needs a very light chip load, but even still if you calcualated the chip load based on all the teeth cutting you'd quickly snap it.

    feed by hand, starting as slow as possible and feel the action. its slow work if you don't want busted cutters


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      I appreciate the reply. I'll report back on my success or lack of.


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        Nope- Mike!

        You'll B***** the expensive blade on tempered rod.

        Use a grinding disk- carefully.




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          If the drill rod is NOT hardened yet, its OK, but slow rpm is required as noted. With a 3" saw, 60 FPM is slow, around 80 RPM.

          The confusion may be that it is "water hardening" drill rod, not already "water hardened".

          If it is hardened, either anneal it, or use a grinding disk as noted.

          I have had that stuff harden up when sawing, and actually had to anneal it. It was my own fault for going too fast, I changed saw diameters but not RPM, new saw was bigger, problem ensued..... I knew there was a problem when the feed got very stiff, just as the saw shot sparks.... oops.

          Going down to very slow RPM fixed all problems (that and changing saws). IIRC it WAS around 80 RPM.

          Keep eye on ball.
          Hashim Khan


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            Don't run a key on skinny blades.
            Location: North Central Texas


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              I misspoke. The drill rod I have is water hardening not water hardened. Will that work with the slitting saw?


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                Run some sort of coolant with it, if nothing else to clear the chips. Take your time.


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                  <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Mike Gibson:
                  I misspoke. The drill rod I have is water hardening not water hardened. Will that work with the slitting saw?</font>
                  Yes will work fine. I have done it many times.

                  BUT RUN SLOW! The 80 rpm is good for a 3" or so saw.

                  All you lose running slow is time.... running too fast you can kill the saw.

                  Just keep the feed up to where chips are coming off the saw...if you let it rub it will harden the work and dull the saw.


                  Keep eye on ball.
                  Hashim Khan


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                    OK- acting on duff info!

                    POR- or Press On Regardless
                    SOB- **** or Bust.

                    When you hear a crack- you have started a new learning curve!