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  • I'm bored


    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.

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    Well, my old sherriff!
    This should " extractum digitum"

    I have just gone 'airless' broke me computer and lost me one remaining marble.
    I have finally got up- and gone wireless.
    Could you drop me a note of Charles'and your website for machine tools- please?

    Once you have done this, you have permission to tell the rest of us what you have under the contents of your floor.

    Cheers, mate



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      I'm bored with people who would like to argue more than exchange fellowship and ideals. Gone to hell in a handbasket.

      I am spending more time in the shop and less time on the computer. Shop is improving. Someday it might even make me a dollar.

      David Cofer

      David Cofer, Of:
      Tunnel Hill, North Georgia


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        I just had to chime in on the arguing to try and stay awake, it was more enteresting than waxing floors all nite

        Matt in AK
        Matt in AK


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          Norman, try


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            Dave you are so correct this never used to be like this lets hope the
            bad-mouthing-others stops it is so much nicer when everyone helps each other there are plenty of places the bullies will be welcome but lets hope not here Alistair
            Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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              PS hope your keepin well Norm.Alistair
              Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                John, go over to that other site and say something bad about me, reading the replies will keep you busy for awhile.


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                  <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by John Stevenson:
                  OK, how would you make these?
                  One off or a small batch, steel.
                  I've been trying to find time to get to this for 6 months, worked out a plan at the beginning but now I've made a start I'm working to a completely different plan.
                  I'd like to hear other ideas though &lt;g&gt;




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                    I sure am not, I have stuff to solve at work, 37 projects at home (most are NOT shop projects, unfortunately), a stack of milling cutters to sharpen whenever I get the T&C grinder working, and the local sewer distric (drains commission) wants to re-route our roof runoff so it doesn't end up in their sewers.

                    Bored? Nope, I dunno what to do first..... That's why I split town and went to the tractor and engine show

                    Well, maybe I am bored with some of the major cut-downs occurring recently around here. But that will probably pass.... although I hope not too many folks "Smith-out" on us.

                    (Speaking of which.... I am kinda worried about jfsmith.... I hope he got straightened out. Anyone know?)

                    Keep eye on ball.
                    Hashim Khan


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                      Many thanks, John for info. E-mail is still a SOB and failed to go off.

                      Apart from them taking my medication away- I still have the comfort of Matron- who is a - Oh, belt up!
                      No, I am up to the ears with one job after another. I hope that the Good Lord is treating you kindly. You are far important.

                      Again, Bike Pete!
                      Thank you for your info. Lorst the whole bleeding lot- and it would still seem like problems. I think matron keeps sneaking in and fiddling with things whilst I am asleep.

                      To the rest of you good folk, greetings and encourage John to keep up the expertise that we all desperately need.



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                        For John and anybody else----

                        I have the following 1) 9inch Logan lathe 1950's vintage. It is missing the drive/pulley system and the motor. This lathe has never been used. 2)3 phase motor of the right size 3) DC motor from a exercise machine. 4)some but not extensive funds.
                        What would you suggest to make a good small home shop lathe from this collection?


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                          No suggestions right off the bat, but sure would like to be in your shoes with all that fine stuff. perhaps you can go to a hardward store, or some place like Fastenall and start with the pulley system - buying step pulleys or getting information on them, and belt sizes. from there, moving forward to start to get the spindle running!!!!!!!

                          Yes, i am bored as well. Found out today my Biceps has nearly torn off the tendon, the dr. says no more lifting of anything more than 5 pounds - which I can attest is hard right now as a 12 cup coffee pot filled with water is a challenge.

                          I am looking for ideas to lift my 8 inch lathe chuck and th vises for my school shop. I have to start back Friday, and can't even begin to lift these without finishing off the tendon issue in a very bad way!!!!!

                          I had two windows left to install in the house - now on hold. Typing also stinks.
                          CCBW, MAH


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                            I could use some help importing my Buggy/Sand Rail into AutoCAD, or to other CAD/CAM packages.



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                              Im Chairman of the Bored !