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  • WTF...over

    Can someone please tell me if this website has some kind of built in filter to keep business ip's from getting in. I try every morning at work to get into the site but it wont let me, and I dont remember it doing this till they changed whatever it was a few weeks back. Practical machinist wont let me in either. Thanks

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    <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Practical machinist wont let me in either. </font>
    You have it backwards...something your employer IT guy has done won't let you in, nothing Pracical Machinist is doing.


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      Maybe they think you are IOWOLF and don't want you in.


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        F is for Furnace,

        are you sure it isn't your employer keeping you out? i know folks who access the site from a business account.

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          I am the admin...somehow I got put in charge of the computers where I work. No one is allowed to change anything on them but me and I leave all the internet settings on the default just for the ease of the maintenance. I have not done a thing to the settings either. We have a business DSL connection and thats why I was wondering if the site had some kind of filter. Hell I dont know, thats why Im askin. I used to check the site ever morning at work then after the change I cant get in. Sucks too, I have a brand new 13x40 lathe and a brand new 8x36 mill at work and I want to ask questions about setting them up right. And getting paid while asking questions and learnng machining, which is all I do at home, is too sweet to not ask this question. City want pay for me to get any kind of school, so you fellas is all I got.


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            <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Furnace:
            Can someone please tell me if this website has some kind of built in filter to keep business ip's from getting in. </font>
            Very unlikely since they would not know if the ip address was a business or not. This is the normal way of looking up an ip address, it only gives the location and the isp. It is handy for the looking up the origin of scam and junk e-mails such as the address from a "local bank" reply to my requested loan. I think I would remember the loan application even with the current meds.

            I would try to login again tomorrow.


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              It might help if you put in your post what kind of message you're getting when the sites "won't let you in" and what browser you're using.

              That info might make it possible for Don or someone else to give you a hint on what the problem is.

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                Do you actually know anything about the current setup? Is the hosts file being delivered at boot time by a policy server and if so what does it contain?
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                  Mochinist, I would kindly ask you to refrain from doing what I have done in the past.

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                    Welcome to the club, I've been unable to contact my most used site...


                    ...for nearly a year from my home computer (works fine at work). On the advice of someone an this site (Adrian)


                    I conntacted my ISP, they scratched their head and told my a coupla things to try, still no dice...ARGGGHH.



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                      I've had that problem in the past with a few sites and the solution has been to just Google search the desired site and link to it from there. A screwed up address in my favorites has been the culprit. After getting on, I resave the favorite and all is OK again. Worked for me anyway.

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                        Boomer, you might like


                        At has the java loop for radar for any part of the country.


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                          No, there is nothing about the site that would block access. I am viewing this thread and answering from work. I work for an advertising agency so if anything would be blocked, we definitely would. I have accessed this and other boards for years.

                          I have occasionally had some problems with some sites, not this one but others. I have a good relationship with our IS guys and when I ask about these things, access is granted. Essentially, we (my company) have filters that block undesirable sites. Some of the folks here would get very upset at some of the things that can pop up. And certain ex-employees had bad habits. Sometimes using other peoples' computers. Some ladies found some rather "shocking and disgusting" things on their screens in the morning. So filters were added.

                          The filters can be "tuned". That is, with proper changes they can be told to allow sites that may be excluded by a general setting. Talk to your IS guy(s).

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                            The message I get is the basic "The page cannot be displayed
                            The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings."
                            All the computers at work are using XP except for one which is used just for our telemetry, and Ive tried all them. Ive tried google, Ive tried typing in the URL, Ive cleaned out all the old temp files and so on. I tried first thing this morning and nothing again. I promise guys this didnt happen until this website changed over to what ever it was a few weeks back. Some guys read the newspaper in the mornings, I always read the messages here.
                            And Evan youre speaking way over my head man, maybe thats why I dont get extra money for taking care of the computers. Thanks for your info though fellas.


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                              Look for a file called hosts. No extension, just "hosts". Ignore any files called hosts with an extension such as hosts.sam. You may need to set the view setting for explorer to show all files including system files.

                              It is in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc

                              It should look like this:

                              # Copyright (c) 1993-1999 Microsoft Corp.
                              # This is a sample HOSTS file used by Microsoft TCP/IP for Windows.
                              # This file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names. Each
                              # entry should be kept on an individual line. The IP address should
                              # be placed in the first column followed by the corresponding host name.
                              # The IP address and the host name should be separated by at least one
                              # space.
                              # Additionally, comments (such as these) may be inserted on individual
                              # lines or following the machine name denoted by a '#' symbol.
                              # For example:
                              #          # source server
                              #              # x client host
                              If it doesn't look like this then just temporarily rename the file (hostsx). It won't hurt the machine. If you can then access the site then this is the problem. However, if your network is set up with a remote policy server this file may be replaced every time the machine is restarted.

                              If this isn't the problem then the site is being blocked by a firewall or other system including the possibility of the ISP blocking the IP address block for some reason.

                              [This message has been edited by Evan (edited 08-23-2005).]
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