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  • Groundhogs

    Ive got two large ones under my bridgeport mill in my garage. I used hog bombs three taped together and also tried loud music. Traps the three i own are too small he is huge(eating size) im not alloewed to shoot in town or the swat team will come over. Any good ways of getting rid of them i hate them.

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    make a sharp chip hook from some 5/16" shaft and snag them, pull them out and whack them with a hammer.

    now this coon was on my shop last week, he has came around for months now, I need to get the live trap back from a friend and move this guy out of town.

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      Had a farmer tell me about attaching a hose of some sort to his truck and dropping the other end into the groundhog hole. Let the truck idle for an hour, pumping all of that carbon monoxide down the hole and.... no more piggy.

      Since your critter is under the floor, and you don’t want to do yourself in, you may want to leave the garage door open. Just in case the death fumes make their way up through the concrete floor via a crack or something.
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        Are they harmful they looks so cute why not leave them alone.I ask only because I have never seen one in real life Alistair
        Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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          They are pesky, but they're really good barbequed!


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            I'm suddenly reminded of the character played by Bill Murray in the movie "Caddieshack". Be afraid. Be very afraid.
            The curse of having precise measuring tools is being able to actually see how imperfect everything is.


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              We used moth cakes and spread them liberally under the shed under which the groundhogs had burrowed. I smelled for a bout a month, but they moved on and haven't come back.
              Ed Bryant


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                If you have a 22 rimfire pistol or rifle, there are a number of low velocity rimfire rounds available (some at about 550 fps) that don't make "a lot" of noise. About the same as a decent pellet gun. We aren't allowed to "shoot" firearms in my town either, but I can "get away with it (at least, I have so far....on few occasions that I needed to)" with these rounds.

                I'm not saying that you will, but it is just a suggestion. (BTW...I hate jail, the food sucks....LOL. I also don't condone breaking the law, but most of us have at one time or another.....Anybody "ever" drive over the speed limit????).

                I'm "REAL" careful and make sure of my target and anything down range. If it isn't "very safe", I don't shoot. Even with the low velocity, they carry enough mass to dispatch a groundhog with a clean headshot.

                Again, just a suggestion. One should always take "free advise" for what it is worth.....and sometimes that's nothing.




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                  <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Alistair Hosie:
                  Are they harmful they looks so cute why not leave them alone.I ask only because I have never seen one in real life Alistair</font>
                  in agricultural areas generally thought of as something to be shot at. They do some damage to the field and the holes are hazard to live stock. and they are plentiful.

                  There's an old joke about the farmer who bought a new rifle and took a shot at the ground hog who popped back into his hole only to reappaear a few minutes later. this kept happening until the farmer was so fed up with the crooked gun he busted it in a fit rage, later walking the field, he finds 7 dead ground hogs next to the hole


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                    You might want to check out my previous thread on my groundhog problem.
                    Use these sugestions at your own risk. Using wierd science's idea of moth balls, I tried using bowl blocks for the toilet. I used the ones with the wire hanger. It kept them away for a while until the block evaporated. Don't get the ones with the floral or fruit smell, they draw bees.



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                      Funny this topic comes up today.

                      I got an old friend coming over this afternoon with a 22 to act as an old time Regulator that the cattleman used to have. I got 3 rabbits and 2 woodchuck eating up the gardens. Our home is an oasis amidst vast corn fields so once they find their way here it's like "whoa, I'm home!" I even set up range wind ribbons for him! I'll post pics if he nails one.

                      I was okay with them until my wife told me what is was costing us to feed them. I'ma also afraid my lab might chase one into the road and get hit by a car.

                      edited this afternoon to add the following

                      My friend made it over this afternoon and nailed one that crawled back into the corn field and got ones attention but didn't down'em. One more rabbit and two more groundhogs to go and the garden is safe!

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                        Could someone please explain, to us innocents on the other side of the pond, what a 'ground hog day' is?
                        The term is creeping into use here by smart a*se media types, who probably don't really know what they're talking about but have heard it used on trips to the US, & I certainly haven't a clue.



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                          Read here.


                          Sounds a bit like old moores

                          John S.

                          No problem with that hardening, 120 thou deep is fine.

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                            Just a thought, you might want to think about the idea of gassing them. The idea will work but the smell of the rotting bodies may not be worth it.
                            Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.


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                              You know anyone with a dachshund?? They can make life miserable for any underground creature -- you might just want to stand by with a bat. (dont hit the dog! )

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