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Do you switch gears all day?

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  • Do you switch gears all day?

    Geez, this week has been dragging. Not by choice, but I've got about 10 projects all going at once. Each one waiting for a part or a tool. I'll get to a point and discover I don't have the part or need to order/make another die-set or something.

    I move on the next project and the same occurs. I'm running out of bench and floor space! I can't wait for cooler weather. I can start some body shop projects. Anybody else have to work under these frustrating conditions?

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    Every single day of my life!I've been running some new air lines in my wood shop,two circuts,dual filter regs,hooking up the bead cabinet and a new hose reel.I have done it one fitting,one pipe,one reducer/elbow/sleeve at a time for the past week.I either can't remember everything I need or something at work pops up and prvents me from being able to round up the parts.

    I'm also rebuilding an Oliver 18" planer,this week my old Belsaw craped out and started me thinking of how to fix it.Then it dawned on me,forget the Belsaw till later!It's just going to sidetrack the Oliver.

    Work this week went smooth,well until Wendsday when I busted the lathe topslide,that fix cost me 6 hours and screwed up the rest of the week.

    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      Hey "D"! I hope you get that "monster" wood lathe Saturday. That should look real good next to your bench. Or on the bench. Just don't hide it behind a pencil.


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        well, lets see...

        cnc router needs the ballscrew turned down then it'll be done

        need to oil the ways on the van norman

        need to finish reassembling the leblond

        need to get the new bandsaw pulled in to the shop so i can figure out what size blade it takes to get it running again

        need to replace the switch on the table saw and the bandsaws

        need to rewire the switch on the lathe

        need to take the radial arm saw apart and clean the brushes

        need to build a welding table

        need to finish the restoration on a 8" jointer that i bougth at a yard sale

        need to find the floor in the garage

        rewire the lighting so i have flourescent all over the shop instead of can lights

        install insulation so heating bill isn't 450 bucks a month this summer

        mount my new fan on the wall

        there are so so so many more, that i can't even remember. i finish projects about two or three times a week, but when the day is 90 degrees and 100% humidity, it's impossible to work.

        this weekend, wedding tomorrow, sunday have to go visit the 'rents so we can discuss wedding plans

        then the work week begins again...and i just volunteered to work on a friend's car next week, probably for "favors"

        So yes, it's very easy to start a project and have another show up just in time to interrupt, or just need a quick trip to home depot to get wire nuts, a fitting, etc...


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          I've got pending projects everywhere.. My latest project is prepairing the GSX750 engine and get it onto an engine stand:

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            Hey Adrian, do you sling and move the motor out of the frame or just muscule it out. I've never pulled an MC engine. There's got to be a better way.

            I'm waiting to see pics of your IRS set up! I hope your not going to use SS tubing. It looks pretty but doesn't take kindly to constant flexing.


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              I'm having a problem getting that engine out.. It looks like I'll have to remove the valve cover which drops the height of the engine another 1-2".. The oil pan drops down inbetween the frame so that makes it hard to get out. I Basically just muscle it out and quickly place it on the ground. I can lift it for a very short period of time.



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                Well, lets see, had to argue with one customer that my ball joint bolts cost a minimum of $25 each because it can take an hour to make one and I can't work for Chinese wages of three dollars a day. Waiting for some prints to show up for some shear blades. Just getting ready to fire up the surface grinder this morning and a friend calls because he needs help in his shop today. That was the best part of the week though as I ran his 36" G&E shaper. I have to get a shaper!


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                  "install insulation so heating bill isn't 450 bucks a month this summer"

                  You sure do things different in MI.


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                    <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by CCWKen:
                    Hey "D"! I hope you get that "monster" wood lathe Saturday. That should look real good next to your bench. Or on the bench. Just don't hide it behind a pencil.

                    Haha,little do you know that I am planning to corner the market on handcrafted toothpicks

                    I just need one more tool,just one!


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                      <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Do you switch gears all day?</font>
                      Yes, I have a 13 speed in my truck
                      THAT OLD GANG 'O MINE


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                        Hey 3ph, here's how you get that engine out.

                        Get an old piece of carpet about the size of the bike. Remove the cam cover and oil filter. Lay the bike on it's side. On the carpet. Unbolt the engine and lift the chassis off by rocking it back up on it's wheels. Iv'e done these by myself, but if you want to leave the chassis together a little help might be needed. If you strip everything off it's a breeze.

                        The factory uses a "C" hook.


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                          topct...Ha...I saw that same trick on one of the Chopper shows the other night. I think it was Arlen Ness did it. Pretty slick!
                          Ken...Glad you asked this question. VERY frustrating isn't it? Makes a shop grow small in a hurry!
                          My biggest problem is trying to do big projects while still keeping room in the shop for day to day "walk in" customer orders.
                          Right now I have five four wheel drive rigs on the go and a Camaro restoration. Then there is all the room I need for the rear diff narrowing jig etc.
                          I have a smaller brake, a bead roller, a ring roller,tubing bender etc. etc. that are all stored to the side so I can work. Very maddening when you need one in a hurry.
                          I used to get really angry at it all but didn't do any good
                          It's my fault for not saying NO!
                          I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                            That's a good idea. I might have a hard time finding enough floor space to lay it down tough The first GS750 I removed the engine from, I got impatient and just cut the frame right off You can see the engine on jacks in the back.



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                              Switching gears?

                              Today I am going to a ladys house and replace two wall outlets. Try to figure out what the hell the previous homeowner did when they wired some overhead lights. Replace a kitchen sink faucet. And try to figure out why her toilet won't flush.

                              When I get that done I have to come home and weld a fender bracket on a nieghbors trailer. And make his trailer lights work.

                              Then I get to repair a microphone snake that got ran over by a lawnmower of all things (only 8 channels).

                              I hope I can get it done because I have to leave here, drive 40 miles to play some music in our little pretend we're rock stars band.