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    Does anyone know where i could purchase a carbon fibre stock forearm assembly for a Sauer 200. Its chambered in .270 calibre. I had the foreend warp badly and had to clear it with a dowel and sandpaper and refinish with tonge no tung oil. HaHa. Ive been wanting to weatherproof that thing for years but havent been able to find a stock assbly anywhere. Its for a serious northern moose weapon. Im out in snow up to my waist at times and swamps and soo on. Thanx

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    Try Gunparts Corp. for a factory replacement.


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      Hey, Madman:

      Have you taken moose with your .270 yet? I always though it would be a little too light for such a big animal, but never tried or know anyone who has, so don't know. If you've used it, what was the yardage and where did you place the shot? I'd love to hear from someone with actual hands-on expirenence. . .


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        Tony: 270 is a good all round calibre and since this is the moose capital of the world (Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland) my information is first hand. There are as many moose brought down with the 270 as any other calibre up here. Also it is used for our caribou and bear. Good for long range with some shots over 300 yards (bs says 800yds)and not a problem. Flat shooting and a good variety of bullet weights as well.


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          Tony I used to guide Hunters from Europe up north years ago. Most of them were well prepared (Like rifles actually sighted in)You may laugh but i was always amazed at all the guys that wouldnt even have a clue how to shoot. It was I like moose meat ill buy a gun and get one. HaHa. I quit taking people hunting cause most of them made me sick. They couldnt shoot well enough to be allowed the taking of a magnificient animal like the majestic noble moose. Anyways i got off track. With a good shot behind the .270 you can take any north american animal. Heart Lung shot placement is critical. Proper breathing and not getting buck fever when confronted by a giant moose is paramount. I have seen the funniest things happen when a hunter encountered his first moose. Also two cases of a enraged cow moose charging a hunter. Interesting moments indeed but now im too old to hump out moose quarters from the Northern Bush. Also not interested in babysitting armed juveniles who dont have the right to be hunting period. Take Care


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            Tony i apologize i got off track. My verbosity gets the best of me. I have shot them at up to around 150 yards maximumn. I used my own handloads with a 130 grain nosler partition bullet. My furthest woodchuck shots were at a Actually measured 385 yards using my .270 sauer and 90 grain . Clean through the neck. In regards to bush close range moose hunting I equipped my sauer with EAW quick release scope mounts. My rifle has iron sights also. The closest i ever shot a moose was about 5 feet. The scope comes off quickly and if all installed correctly point of aim never wanders a bit. In the bush a scope isnt required iron sights do fine. People over gadget themselves with all sorts of **** and also read too many hunting and gun magazines that people write to make ther livings from. Join a gun club and when you can put 3 rounds in the 10 inch ring offhand (If you can at that ) youre a damn fine shot and ready too hunt critters)


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              Thanks for the info, guys! Hope I didn't hijack your thread, Madman...