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  • Music while you work

    Anyone like to listen to music, or the radio while they're working in the shop? I've always hated the idea, I just like peace & quiet. The sound of the machinery's all I need, I find anything else distracting.

    Anyone else?

    All of the gear, no idea...

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    Good topic.... I sometimes have the radio on but it doesn't bother me if it's never on. I can drive a car across the entire country and never turn on the radio. I have enough of my own thoughts....

    On the other hand, I have friends who seem unable to exist without the radio on, or the TV at least. It's especially bad when they want to talk to you and they think you can hear them over the radio, and expect you to yell back over it.


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      LOL-- I seem to be the opposite of you 2. I need to have music whenever i work on something,or it seems i just get bored to death with the silence. The machine noise just doesn't do it for me. Nothing like a good tune to get you energized!!!


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        I like music while cleaning, set up or lay out.

        once the machine is running it just adds to the noise.


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          About the only time I listen to the radio is while the machine is running. Used to listen to talk radio all day until I started having dreams of blowing up the county court house. Switched it over to music and the dreams went away.



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            I used to have a decent old stereo system in my workshop, never bothered to reinstate it when I shifted everything around 18 months ago. I have a ghetto blaster now that gets used occasionally, not much. At the dry-dock I never have music on, unlike practically every similar establishment I've visited, but I do have an MP3 player that's good if I'm on a monotonous job like welding all day. Years ago, when we did a lot of wooden boat work which is generally a bit quieter than steel & iron work, often had radio 3 (classical) on all day. It seemed to fit with the type of work.
            I'll have the cricket on tomorrow, though

            Don't like a long drive without being able to put something on - talk radio or music - when I want it.



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              No, when I listen to radio or music, I speed in the car, and I break bits in the shop.... I do better paying attention to what I'm doing.

              I seem to listen to machines to be sure they are working/cutting OK, if anything changed, etc.

              I'd be dead in a big noisy shop..... woud=ldn;t know what was going on.

              Keep eye on ball.
              Hashim Khan


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                I used to like to listen to heavy metal but since the price of scrap went down...........

                John S.

                Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                  Usually NPR.

                  Got to keep up with what the "other side" is up to

                  I also like Junior Brown and the Rat Pak.



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                    I love Sirius satellite radio. I have it in the car for the commute and on a boombox in the garage. Depending on how the drive is going I can play either death metal or smooth jazz or anything in between. I don't play it real loud when working so I can hear if something goes wrong .
                    Jon Bohlander
                    My PM Blog


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                      I'm a wacko when it comes to music in the shop. At any time there can be... rock, hard rock, HEAVY METAL,

                      "We play both kinds, country and western"-(blues brothers),

                      concert, symphonic, orchestrial, hip hop, R&B, Blues, and dance.

                      The big ones,
                      Rush, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, Sting, Paula Abdul (yaow-za!), BB King, Glen Miller, Gustav Holst (humm... wonder which cd?), Ravel, Chopin.

                      No RAP! EVER! Never did get that stuff.

                      And the normal talk radio stuff as well. No Rush Limberger though. NPR, 700 WLW, 610 WTVN.

                      rock -on!

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                      Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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                        I get downright cranky if I don't have some music on in the shop or my vehicle. I don't need it so loud that I can't hear what is going on with the machines but I definately turn it up.


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                          I enjoy music in the shop, my tastes are quite eclectic though, ranging from Richard Wagner, U2, The Swedish group Hedningarna, to Ali Farka Toure and a host of other obscure stuff.


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                            We have 4 speakers mounted high up in the 4 corners of the shop, with 200watts per channel on the big amp in the old reefer in the corner.

                            We play both kinds of music- PUNK, and ROCK.

                            3 guys in the shop, so actually tastes run quite the gamut. Early guy in first thing usually loads the 5 cd player with his music- so it could be Johnny Cash and Bluegrass, or Modest Mouse and Dinosaur Jr., or Miles Davis and Gogol Bordello.

                            I listen to music pretty much all my waking hours, for the last 40 years or so- in fact, the I-tunes is cranking right now- some trashy teen rock band my son loaded into it- but I have a full 4gb I-pod that goes in the shop, and another 1000 or so CD's in the house.


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                              I used to like having some backround music on while I'm working in my shop, but not lately. My old second shift foreman (50 years old with the mentality of an unruly 13 year old) liked to hear AC DC over 3 vertical machining centers plowing away at 40 inches per minute. It is no wonder that the company has a policy about wearing hearing protection at all times in the shop.