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Bending a Martini Loading Lever

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  • Bending a Martini Loading Lever

    I want to bend a straight BSA Martini (Cadet type) action loading lever from a straight stock type to fit a factory pistol grip (curved) stock.
    Have any of you ever done this?
    I think it would be wise to make a bending jig and proceed from there. My oxy-acetylene torch should be adequate for the job if I use a large tip.
    Any advice?
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    Man, I thought you were talking about some kind of drinking hat or automated liquor server.

    My advise? Don't burn yourself.


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      You mean like this? This is a Greener but same difference. The lever is inlet slightly into the pistol grip. Once the inletting was done I cut a piece of thin sheet metal to lay in it (you'll see why in a minute).

      I heated and bent the lever into a slightly sharper 'U' shape then the grip wanted. With the buttstock and action clamped in a vise pointing straight up, and the previously bent lever in place I used a sponge to dampen the wood in the inlet portion. Then laid the thin bit of metal into place.

      The lever was heated and pulled straight down, which formed it perfectly to the desired shape. It just rolled in to follow the shape of the grip. It was then immediately lifted away. Took maybe 5 seconds or less and the damp wood spit and spluttered a bit. The small end was later heated again and bent back. The sheet metal was to keep the red hot lever from direct contact with the wood. Might not have been necessary?

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        You do nice work.

        Buckshot & John Lawson

        What caliber are they in?

        Post some pictures of what you are doing please.


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            I couldn't have answered the question any better CARL. This is what makes this site such a nice place to visit stay awhile.


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              It's a .444 Marlin with a 24" Douglas 1-16" twist .............

     it will stabilize heavy slugs like these 370gr paper patched ones. Since they're plain based the gas checks are placed inverted in the case, with the bullet on top. The patched slugs are sprayed with moly lube.

              I made the rear sight base and windage arm to utilize a #4 SMLE micrometer peep sight. One mistake I made was to use a steel buttplate. Ouch when loaded heavy.


              Son of the silver stream ..... Bullet caster.