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Bridgeport's Demise (or Not)

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  • Bridgeport's Demise (or Not)

    Back in August someone starting a thread with the announcement that Bridgeport was shutting down.
    I'm now looking at an article in the October 2002 issue of "Southeast Machinery and Industrial News" (traderag published in Grapevine TX): Sept 16, Elmira NY, in which Hardinge Inc and Bridgeport Intl, have announced an alliance where Hardinge will assume Nth American responsibility for manufacture and parts and service support for Bridgeport Knee mills. The article says the production of the machines will be at Hardinge's Elmira, NY facility. ...So I guess they'll come to be known as "Elmira's" instead of "Bridgeport's". Heh-heh! (just kidding - It also says they'll continue to carry the B'port name.)
    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)

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    Yeah, so here it's a "not".

    I saw that on the BP web site a while ago, where they explained the situation. It was funny on the Google group alt.machines.cnc or something like that, people screaming and crying "where am I gonna get parts for my Bringeport...."

    I say wait until you can't get in the front door before you count a company like BP out....