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Atlas model 1800 DP?

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  • Atlas model 1800 DP?

    Anyone know anything about these?

    I am currently disassembling, preparatory to cleanup and taking off the puky tan paint that some shop manager thought was just right.

    I'd like to get the quill out (it is as big in diameter as the column) so I can check up on the bearings, there is a bit of a bumpiness to the spindle turning.

    I am not sure how to let down the spring, what looks like a spring-loaded pin for the spring casing may not be. In any case it didn't respond to the limited force I was interested in using on it without more knowlege.

    Head is off and on the bench, so it is easier to work on. That head feels like it weighs as much as a decent sized Kohler engine.

    I found only 10 hits on google for this, not one of which was "real". Leaving off the model number gets lots of hits, but no help.

    The atlas drill presses I know about are cute little things that have a 1/2" chuck on a little jacobs taper spindle....

    This dude has an MT3 spindle, had a 2 horse or so motor on it, and weighs a lot...... I have not seen one like it.

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    Some pics of pieces, since it isn't together at the moment.

    BTW, it is one of at least around a thousand similar, as it is serialed at about number 900. So it has brothers, even if not a lot of them.

    The head, minus feed handle and feed stop assembly, motor plate, motor plate pins, etc. The shaft for the feed that is sticking up is about 1 1/4 diameter. (behind it is a small red Briggs engine, size reference)

    The offending pin and tension knob (a little out of focus, sorry). Knob is about 5" or so diameter

    The table lift assembly, minus the screw and gears, which are now being cleaned of some of the 5lb of free grease and chips.

    The backside of the table lift

    Anotehr question is how the table lift works.... the top collar, which has the gears for the screw, is ABOVE the table support collar (the bottom one) , and in between there is yet another small collar. They don't move and are being soaked with PBlaster so I don't know if they are all linked in some way.... but it seems odd, almost as if the HEAD were to be suported and moved with teh screw....

    But the head had solid locks with bolts, the table has handles on its locks.

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      I just looked at old catalog on Atlas tools
      and they have no drill presses with a model
      number like yours.
      Suggest you contact Atlas in Goshen, Indiana,
      Clausing service center.
      Best of luck


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        Already done, but I don't have high hopes, I have heard they don't have a lot on teh drill presses....

        It's an Atlas all right....

        Even if one didn't believe the nameplate, there is other, better evidence.......

        It has ZAMAK PARTS!

        Just the column lock wedges, and one gear in the table raising system that is a zamac bevel gear on a steel sleeve, the inside of which has a zamak key molded in. Just like a lathe crossfeed pickoff gear, and it may be one.

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