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  • Cock_A_DOODLE_DOOO it works...

    Sorry, Just had to crow..

    select welder on software, press pedal..
    25lbs air on a 1" cylinder, 2second delay, then 2500milleseconds (2.5sec) of current and then it releases when you lift pedal

    First nuggets were at 4,000 ms.. too long

    this is what the mount, saddle looks like, on a piece of 2x2 to drop into reciever.

    This is the 422/232 card that talks to the opto22 serial cards at 44,600k

    Works fine,

    THEN, Software Select Rousselle press on software, depress same pedal, roussele press strokes to/lift pedal or limit bottom..

    OR, Software select 50ton press, depress pedal, strokes to either depth selected via box or bottom limit switch. Makes a clean repeatable break with the piranaha die in there.

    OR, just turn off the computer, 50 ton press is manual.

    COCK a doodle doo.. it is done.. onto something else.. (are ya happy fer me?)

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    <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ibewgypsie:
    (are ya happy fer me?)</font>
    Why heck ya! Anytime one of the metal working brothers gets something working better than good, we all are happy.


    Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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      Ah, you big brute! Ya beat me to "automating" the spot welder. Nice going! I've got a timmer; I just need a 40A opto and some time.

      I did get my beader repowered last week.


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        I put I think a 25amp SSR in. Yeah, I used your waa-waa pedal first too. (snicker)

        I still owe you a beer on that.

        I think I might have a extra SSR. I wired it into a receptacle, cut the tab on the Hot side. Wired the SSR on the top, wired the line on the bottom, took a 2 conductor to the lil cube relay.

        Yeah, weld time needs to be up to 5 seconds, as the tip degrades, Air pressure has as much to do with it as current time. over Pressure deforms the tips too fast. You can't see it, but I tack welded a nut onto a piece of 1/2" square stock, drilled a 1/4 hole, bent a horseshoe shaped loop and drilled the ends of it for a tie wire. This goes around the handle and retracts the welder handle back up as the cylinder retracts.

        If I was you.. instead of a microsecond computer.. all you need is a relay and some timers.. pedal, time out (clamp_time 2 sec) then current_time 1sec to 4 then current off then when lift pedal clamp off. SO two timers. If you unclamp while current is on you spark your tips *not good. 25lbs half way up welder handle is plenty.


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          I didn't understand half of what you said, but I'm dang sure happy for you

          I realize it's a spot welder (or panel welder)... can you describe what did you do to it for us "slower folks"?

          Killing aluminum one chip at a time