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New Ebay paypal scam?

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  • New Ebay paypal scam?

    I keep getting messages that someone is trying to access my paypal account and they look like they come from Paypal but when I put my cursor onto them before I click, the address that comes up in the search window is not for paypal but for some place with a kr in its address. Looks like a scam to me? Anyone else get the same email?

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    Don't answer any e-mail supposedly from e-bay or paypal but go to your e-bay account for messages that they may have to ask you but no e-mails anymore.


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      Send me your Social Security Number, Your Bank Account Number, and your Mother's maiden name and I'll tell you what's going on.
      Your good friend,

      P.S. This is really important! Don't take any chances! Respond immediately, or risk loosing everything!

      Send info to [email protected]

      Why take a chance? ACT NOW!!!
      Ed Pacenka


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        egpace, man what a great guy you are. Do you have the time to help everyone?

        Will my Swiss account do since I dont have any credit cards and a credit score of 8 bazillion? Thanks rock-
        Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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          you can forward the emails to
          [email protected]
          they will tell you if it was from them but it also gives them a little better way of catching the people doing that
          ones you get that say they are from ebay can be forwarded to
          [email protected]

          Matt in AK
          Matt in AK


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            Yes, it's a scam, but no, it's not new. I get loads of these, though conveniently enough always to e-mail accounts for which I've never set up a paypal account, so it's obvious right off that they're bogus.

            The highlighted text which shows in a browser link has nothing at all to do with where the link actually goes. But scammers put what looks like a ligit link address in there, and people who don't understand HTML think that the link is therefore legit.