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    jig borer?

    I have seen the term, and seen them on eBay, but as a neophyte, I don't know where they differ from a drill press or a mill.

    Ed Bryant

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    A jig borer is a very precise machine for making holes. It has multi-axis positioning controls for both the head and the table. You can generally hold .0001" tolerance on all three axes.
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      Super High precision (.0001) in both spindle run-out & positioning.
      Ed Pacenka


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        A Jig Borer in a very accurate machine, built for drilling & boring holes... Very well constructed, with super accurate lead screws... Moore was the best-known, but there were others, such as Pratt& Whitney, and Fosdick, .. Newer CNC machines & wire EDM have almost replaced jig borers, but they still are a great machine to have. 20 years ago, they sold for extremely high prices, but now they can be found very inexpensively...


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          They are extremely accurate machines and used extensively in the re-conditioning of auto motors. Place an engine block on the table horizontally, bore the cylinders oversize, real easy. Same block stood on end, lets do the bearings.
          My personal opinion is that they are a lot better than a turret mill. Think someone on this board uses one as a mill, not quite the work envelope of a turret mill, but bloody acurate tho'.