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cloned model 3 bender pictures

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  • cloned model 3 bender pictures

    The stinking greenlee pump tripped the breaker *reason it was at the auction probably.. but.. I fixed it.

    I cloned the measurements off the model3 bender I bought from van sant enterprises. That is a 1" square shoe on there..

    The weld, I had the bender cut out.. Single pass after bevel...


    JDF brought me a chunk of iron.. I was going to spin it on the lathe, but.. Looking realistic at it? I think I'll mount it to the indexer, mount it on the mill and groove out a 1 1/2" groove, a 2" groove and a 1" large radius groove.

    I'm soaking wet, it's only 2pm here thou.. I feel lazy soaking up the air conditioning.

    Lets build something..

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    Looks great man! I'd love to make a bender like that someday...

    excellent use of the Newcastle Scale Model ...
    Killing aluminum one chip at a time


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      I wondered what that beer was for. I thought that it was being used to transfer the heat out of the general area and double as a de-humidifier.
      Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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        One in hand, camera in other hand, second beer sat down for pictures.

        I am still soaking wet.

        Fixing to get the beginning of Katrina here. Sky looks nasty.


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          David -
          The big blue thing in the back right of the first photo - what's that? Is that an iron worker, by any chance?
          The curse of having precise measuring tools is being able to actually see how imperfect everything is.


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            Love my ironworker. I can punch, shear angle and plate in seconds. Not metal this thick tho.

            I installed a 2hp 120 volt motor off a pressure washer on it. Removed the 3phase motor. On the old ones like this scotchman Dvorak it is a belt driven pump. ANY motor will pull it.


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              Here is a modification I made to my model 3
              I used a lead screw from a bridgeport mill.
              Gives great control when doing a bend.


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                Pretty neat..

                I think, I am going to insert a flow restrictor needle valve in the hydraulic pump. AND, a prox switch to stop it. A degree wheel w/slide to mount the prox on.. it'll roll around and lock and stop bender.

                I have dreamed up a stamp cpu, led, pushbutton add, pushbutton subtract, and Rs232 readout. FOr right now thou, I am going to do it the old fashioned way. I got all that, just in a hurry this week.

                Nice 4link Sid, That kinda looks like the 5 speed I had in my MOnza Spyder.. If it is you know first is a granny and 5th is 1:1? Mine would do wheelstands. When I liked to have hit the plant managers viper in the rear and had to pass him, I got laid off. My car was a dirty brown primer. His was a shiny ego.

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                  That is a Richmond 5 speed.
                  Fifth is 1:1
                  So, I put 3.25s in the 9"


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                    Mine had a 3.50:1 with the twelve inch tires it's do a wheelie. The car was a 2650lb toy.
                    The engine has been in seven cars now, the monza with the light chassis and the 5 speed got the valve springs. I got it apart. It's a old 72chev truck 4bolt main.

                    Several people have tried to borrow, steal and walk off with it. The crank is worth more than I can afford at the moment, hence building my own bender.

                    I had to do some torching on the plates.. I wore sandals to the shop. Should've saw me dance. All I got left to do to the bender is cut pins, buy some $5 a piece bolts and modify the homemade 1" shoe.
                    Then, I plan.. I got a chunk of iron another HSM member brought me. I got to cut a 2",1 1/2" and 1" large radius shoe.
                    Of course I got to put the motor back on the indexer first. I ain't gonna crank that handle that much.