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TURNs OUT.. Local machinists are here

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  • TURNs OUT.. Local machinists are here

    I found out today I am not so special.

    I have met three other home shop machinist here in my small town. Met two other streetrod builders. Saw thier stuff at shows an never knew. One can teach me things since his cars are a lot nicer than the one or two I turn out a year.


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    We still think you're special Ibew.


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      Where is that limp wristed smiley face when you need it.

      David, you are a good HSM and more.

      The tame Wolf !


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        <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ibewgypsie:
        I found out today I am not so special.
        Yes you are brother! You are a good guy.
        But maybe what you mean is that you are no longer alone in your town?



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          Organize a weekly shop night. We have one out here at a friends shop (although it's more of a BS/wine drinking session, but some work gets done..). There are many more Home shop types around than you think. Networking is a wonderful way to make more projects and get more tools.
          Largest resource on the web for Taig lathes and milling machines,


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            Whens the beer fest pigroast. Burp.


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              Hey David-

              There's lots of HSM's. There's only one of you.


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                More than one. I have two offsprings. Love them both but the oldest is acting like I did when I was his age. Stubborn and self-serving. At least he is not riding a harley with a club, nor toting a pistol everywhere he goes like I had to.

                I am sick, I pushed it again yesterday. I messed up my lungs in a chemical plant years ago, never sued, never. I leaned over since I was having trouble with my eyes to make some perfect welds. Getting closer than normal, then using motor oil to drill some 1" holes on the mill. It was a smoky room with the air running and recirculating the air, not cleaning it.

                Today My lungs are producing fluid, I can't see. I feel mortal. I am at peace, happy with myself and god. I do want to stay around a while longer to see my daughter do allright in life.

                I have accumulated tools since I was young. I have documented all the complicated ones. My wife is going to have one heck of a yard sale someday. If she outlives me.

                I have made friends here, I am happy. The lung problems will pass again for a while longer.