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  • Harig Super 612 manual

    I picked up a Harig Super 612 at a auction the other day and it sure is a sweet little machine. I need a parts manual for it. Is there anybody out there that can help me locate one. I don't need any parts for it yet but I feel the manual is like part of the machine. I asked the owner if He still had it and He told me they probably threw it away a few years ago. It's hard to believe that people do stuff like that, btu they do. Thanks, I will be more than glad to cover all costs incured.

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    Have you tried Harig?:

    Mike, near Chicago
    Mike Henry near Chicago


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      I purchased a manual a couple of years ago for a 612 that I was redoing. The manual part # is 17799300 and cost $20 back then. It consists of about 15 pages and 5 drawings. Since Harig was part of Bridgeport, I'm not sure what their status is now. I purchased parts from Bob Holzer at 1-800-243-4292 ext 12. This was the Detroit area Regional Sales & Service center. I could probably make you a photocopy, but I don't think the pictures would turn out all that great. The manual you would buy is a photocopy, so what I would wind up sending you is a copy of a copy. Also, the drawings are double sided 11" x 17" so I would have to go to a Kinko's or something like that to copy the manual. Let me know what you are interested in doing.