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    I've not used the laser device, but have an optical centering scope. It took a while to figure out how to adjust it to compensate for runout, but now I use it all the time.

    I have electrical (so-called electronic) and mechanical edge finders, wigglers, etc. and use them all. I find the optical device to be the fastest of all.

    The optical has a big disadvantage, however, there needs to be room in your setup to allow you to put your head down next to it in order to see through the eyepiece. This isn't always possible. For that reason, the laser unit might be the better choice.

    So many projects. So little time.


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      Be careful who you threaten, even in jest. I am a gunsmith, I pack 24 hours a day and I was a police firearms instructor for 50 years. And, believe me, it isn't humerous to me;it has been tried, but I'm still here.
      I bought the laser finders because I use lasers every day in my work...gun sights, bore sighters, etc. I work alone in a one man shop and I live alone with nobody to impress.
      I use an odd leg caliper to lay out my work, as I was taught layout practice during my apprenticeship. The laser beam locates the junction of the lines better than a microscope locator.
      These instruments have such a tiny exit hole that I have nothing except a needle small enough to measure it. The beam actully disappears in about 6 inches.
      Those who locate holes from an edge, using the infeed and crossfeed cranks to locate cannot possibly be more accurate then a proper layout and location by one of these laser instruments.
      You guys must have outdoor potties, wells and transport yourselves via Model T Fords.
      Personally, having been a reader of HSM and Projects from the first issue, I disbelieve any "reviews" that are not illustrated with photos of tests that were made. Too many readers are trying to impress the group with their prowess and accomplishments. 'Smatter, won't the old lady do anything but grunt at your latest efforts?
      Many have bitched about the cost. Well, Edgar Bergen said it best:
      "All my life I never drank, gambled or wasted money. I always saved a portion of the money I earned. Now that I'm retired and can spend money for things I want, those who never saved any money blame me because they are broke."
      Before you review a tool, buy one and test it, using scientific methods. Nobody cares what you think of the ad layout or suspect reading the description, written by an ad man or worse yet, an editor or what you are projudiced against; we usually silent readers are looking for results and unbiased tests. And, editor, if you read this, your inquiry you mailed out was responded to by people who lied upwardly mobile at least two categories...proved time and again by psychologists. Times and tools change. If you are afraid of change, make it a point to try something new every day.
      End of rant. (temporarily)
      Today we carve our own omens Leonidas at Thermopylae


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        Hey John kiss my ass, I could careless what you pack or what gun classes you taught,if you thought I was serious about my comment then come get me asshole. You might want to digest some fiber, it might help with your irritability.

        P.S. I am really surprised that you live alone.