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OT, New Orleans below sea level???

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  • OT, New Orleans below sea level???

    How did it happen that the city is under sea level?

    Did it sink, did the sea and lake rise?

    This si something I haven't seen covered in the media broadcasts.

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    It is/was sinking 3 ft per century. Here is an article that has turned out to be too conservative.
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      This may sound hard hearted but I hope the Feds put their foot down and prevent the rebuilding of the areas that are below sea level. The time has come to tell the idiots that live in areas like this plus the flood plains of the Mississippi. Missouri, Ohio etc along with the people that get burned out every ten years or so in the fire prone canyons of SoCal that the time for Uncle Sugar to bail you out is over. Plus we need a real change in building codes in this country. The whole idea of building wood framed houses in areas that suffer from a high incident of tornados, hurricanes and other major weather that feature high winds is just stupid IMO
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        The French quarter is about 5' above sea level.
        Ed Pacenka


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          I think the new building codes down there should be equivilant to building House Boats that have a top speed of 165MPH:

          #1- Your house must float.
          #2- Your house must go from 0-165mph in 60 seconds.



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            After th Misissippi River floods of a few years back (six I think), many cities were moved outright into higher areas. Most of these were small towns no doubt, but now we face this ith a major city and the surounding areas of population (the surrounds).

            The problem comes in this. New Orleans is a major economy point for the US. perhaps allow the rebuilding of the remaining infrastructure of the port, the pipelines. You would almost have to build the reineries back where they are (long with the pipelines) because EPA laws would never allow for these to be built elsewhere ever again due to pollution laws, Hazmat, ect.. Building on the same footprints but considering the realities of flood and such would be the best bet there. Keep them in their already (dare I say it) historically polluted footprints.

            Other things like general economy, homes, malls, stores, consumer daily commerce should be moved but for that which supports the industry at a basic level.

            A city would probably have to stay there where New Orleans once sat, but this time, keep housing in the type of thing where people can get away, can be somewhat self contained, and better suited to flooding and wind. make it dorms, hotels, and higher density condos. The idea of individual homes, mobile home parks, and even sports franchises, moved out. Leave housing for the support persons of the port, pipelines, refineries - these being the city center buildings - as noted - not individual homes. Other housing for he support of the tourism industry, which might be scaled back. New Orleans would lose its history, very sadly, but perhaps this necesity becomes reality realizing the continued drop in elevation, and the cost of re-building individual homes and businesses that support such and re-insuring in terms of insurance, levees being over built, and increased pumping stations would almost make this prohibitive to begin with. The costs of re-location will be very high to begin with, but done right, this is a one shot cost, not a cost to be repeated in the next generation if this is done right.

            I think New Orleans will change to be an "oil industry support" city, and perhaps a smaller "resort city". Housing more of a dorm situation and hotl sitution. I do not believe many people will be that willing to move back to individual homes to make a permanent life after this.
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              Isn't the Mississippi River made to run through the center of New Orleans by artificial barriers? Didn't it try to change its course several years ago upstream and empty into the Gulf via another river basin and the Corps of Engineers diked and dammed it to keep this from happening so New Orleans would not loose its major seaport status?