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    Here are some pics of the off-road buggy I'm building.

    I moved the frame from my basement to my welding bench in my shop and tacked it together:

    A view from inside the frame looking past the motor mounts towards the front:

    The rear end is starting to come together. There is another pair of support members that bolt to the top of the differential that are not there right now:

    Differential mounts and CV joints:


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    Hi Adrian,

    It all looks very cool! But I am curious about one thing. How do you keep grit out of the differential?

    -Blue Chips-


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      I plan to fabricate an alum housing that turns with the differential to keep the oil in, and the dust/dirt out.. I'm also going to look into a large rubber CV boot or something else that might work too.

      Right now, I'm just taking measurements and trying to figure out where everything needs to go including the drive line, wheel base, seat position, engine position, rear end position, front A arm positions, rear trailing arm positions, etc.

      The frame is actually going to be cut down about 12-18" in the back so only the differential will be sticking out. I used the full length of SCH40 when building the frame since I didn't know how long it really needed to be so the frame is going to be shortened after I calculate all of the geometry for everything.