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Grizzly G9036 vs. Kent KLS 1340A why?

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  • Grizzly G9036 vs. Kent KLS 1340A why?

    I'm about to pull the trigger on buying a 13x40 lathe. I've actually had the phone in hand more than once. I've searched this board and emailed some of you on machine opinions.

    I've looked at Jet, Brimingham, Grizzly, Fox, Enco, and now I just ran across Kent. The reason for this posting is.

    The KENT looks 100% identical to the Grizzly 9036 but it's $1000.00 cheaper.

    Am I missing something ?

    Also, I've looked at over 10 used equipment places for american iron and have come up empty under 3500 for a 13" or 14" lathe that is nice.

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    I've had the Kent 14x40 for about 2 years now, with no complaints.
    I paid a little more than the G9036, I know shopping around really paid off.
    Many people complain about having to tweak, adjust and make minor repairs on their new Asian Lathes. I had none of this. It appears that Kent goes over them quite well before shipping them out.
    The Lamp burned out after about 2 minutes. I thought oh-oh, and ran out and purchased 6 bulbs. Never had any more go.
    It runs smooth and quiet, produces very nice finishes, and test bars have met or exceeded tolerance specifications.
    I did make some major wiring changes, because, I had to install a VFD Drive for the 3hp. 3phase motor.
    I immediately replaced the tool holder with a quick change.

    Knowing nothing about the G9036, I looked it up in the grizzly catalog and quite frankly don't see many similarities.
    Look closely and compare the Specs.
    Also note the weight of the Grizz is a little over half of the Kent. I tend to think that means extra beef somewhere... could be wrong.

    Can't speak for service and support, never had a reason to call. I know people speak highly of Grizzly’s support.

    I must say that my machine has very soft indents when changing speeds and such, I intend to improve that.

    Sometimes companies can give you a name of someone near you that has one of their machines that you can eyeball up close.

    Someone mentioned that in many Asian Countries, if you want to manufacture machinery, the government will supply you with plans. This is why machines will look alike from different manufactures. Also, when you want to import from a particular company, you can specify the quality level of any given machine. This is why you can find vast quality differences from otherwise identical machines.

    Good Luck.

    Tom M.


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      Thank you, if you look at the Kent 1340 vs. the Grizzly G9036 they are the same in the pictures. Your 14x40 is different looking than the Grizzly.

      Again thank you,


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        Probably the Grizz. 14X40 would be a better comparision.
        Its weight is considerably more than the 13X40.
        I have it in mind as a future upgrade, but will check out the Kent too.


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          I can't speak for the 13" or 14" lathes, but I do own an Enco 12 x 36 gear head. I've had it for 7 or 8 years. Only problems I;ve had are a burnt out bulb, tiny oil drip and a switch that was easily replaced - no other tweaking required. I truly think that all these lathes are very similar in comparison and you should go with the best deal, especially if you can get a hands on look at it. BTW: I also own a Grizzly mill and am very happy with that.


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            Thank you for the feedback.

            I ordered the KENT 13x40. Shipping prices are going up daily and some of the mfg's increased the price this week also of the base machine.