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  • Cleveland !!! machine dealers, etc...

    Just got back from a week in Cleveland! My god...went to a place called "HGR Industrial Surplus"....another called "McKeans" and "Small Tools Incorporated"....believe me, there's no shortage of used machine tools out there. Admittedly some of these are pretty damn big and alot of these dealers don't seem to carry much that a "home shop" guy might be interested in...but just wanted to plug these outfits a bit as everyone was really friendly & helpful. More than willing to let you wander around and "make a deal" on stuff! If you ever get the chance "Small Tools" is WELL worth a visit...even met the owner, they're extremely well organized and have a great catalog!

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      A decade or two back, Small Tools had a huge inventory of turret lathe accessories and tooling. Their prices on same were very high, but still considerably cheaper than new, such that I suspect they still sold quite a bid and made mucho dinero profit for a few decades.

      Today, most of it is utterly worthless. I wonder if they still cling to it hoping for a turnaround that will never come ?

      The "small tools" money now would be in stocking used CNC electronics !