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  • Pinging Evan or any other computer guru

    I need a replacement power supply for a Dell computer and I a would like to know of a good place to buy one online without getting ripped off.

    The model number is: HP-P2507FW and so far the ones I have found are kinda pricey IMHO. Any help would be appreciated.


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    These power supplies although maybe a bit more costly than some, are among the best IMHO. I recently bought one and am very happy.



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      PC Power and Cooling is one of the best. They do cost. Adrian, I would be happy to sell you a supply at cost but by the time it gets there with the shipping you will be better off to buy one from the USA.

      I'm sure you looked it up, right? I pay 15 dollars for a cheap supply. Bad prices down your way. I sell 350 watt cheap supplies for $33.00. Really good ones are $65.0

      If you want I will sell you a good one for $40 CDN (about 34$ US) not including shipping. It has a gold plated fan guard and blue LEDs in the fan. Its a 400 watt supply with the P4 power connector.

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