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Supreme Court Justice Rehnquist Dead

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  • Supreme Court Justice Rehnquist Dead

    Looks like Bush gets to appoint two justices to the Supreme Court. Goodbye to Democracy as we know it in America. Supreme court justice William Rehnquist has died today.

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    Yes perhaps we can get back to the way it should be and not the liberal nonsense that goes on now.
    Non, je ne regrette rien.


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      He was an good man, with a sense for Justice... & quite a sense of humor, in a dry way...


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        Dammit here we go again. I'm not the mommy here but I do suggest you with thoughts about Rehnguist's passing post them but leave partisan politics out of it.


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          Chief, JFYI, Rehnquist was hardly a liberal by any standard, so what kind of nonsense do you think we need to get back to after his passing?


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            Never said he was a liberal but he wasn't quite as far right as I would like. This will be nasty, there will be a lot of dirt flying.
            Non, je ne regrette rien.


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              He was a good man.

              Rehnquist was on the side of liberty, dissenting in both of this year's Supreme Court fascist train wrecks.

              Kelo v. New London: Your municipality can now confiscate your home, and give the land to someone who will generate higher tax revenue.
              Rehnquist DISSENTED.


              Gonzales v. Raich: Medical problems causing you extreme agony, and the only medicine effective at proving relief is marijuana?
              The governemnt doesn't give a sh*t. They can (and do) send swat teams to take down any 80-year old cancer patient who dares defy prohibition. Rehnquist DISSENTED.



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                Lets have less of this "goodbye to democracy" or "get back the how it should be" garbage.

                Face it, the liberal end is just as likely, or more so, to take away liberty as the conservative end.

                Conservatives take away liberty so they can make more money. Some would probably like to have indentured servants, Pullman Illinois, etc. Walmart for instance wants you to have to buy everything from them, using your Walmart pay which is only available in store credit.

                Liberals take away liberty because they know better what is good for you than you do, and besides, they are only protecting you. "if it saves the life of just one child it's all worth it"......(even if you must live in a voteless slavery of the proletariate)

                The court, like the congress, should have a few liberals, a few conservatives, and several moderates.

                Any attempt to load it with liberal or conservative justices whose opinions and later behaviour is known, is to attempt to bias the court "your" way, which inevitably hurts someone else if it works. It is also an brazen attmpt to subvert the intent of having three branches of government. Right now, both liberals and conservatives think they can get that done. Hopefully, both will fail.

                If a judge has already got opinions, and intends to vote that way, they are NO JUDGE. I have no idea why folks think that's a good idea, EITHER "direction". The court MUST interpret the laws in light of the constitution. The opinions of the justices personally, can have an influence, but any judge who will flout the constitution to promote their own opinions, should be taken out and hung, because they are a traitor.

                EVERY appointment I can recall in recent years has been a fight of the "court-loaders" to get their paid person onto the court. Luckily, many or most of the justices have often voted in ways very different from what the court-loaders have assumed. For some reason, justices don't seem to be the mindless "wind-and-point" robots that most politicians, used to applying financial and other pressure to force compliance, naturally believes they will be. Perhaps that is why they are appointed for life.

                Look at John Roberts.... People are frustrated because they can't figure out how he would vote on a future issue. He has argued for and against environmental issues, gay rights, womens issues, all the hot buttons. Maybe he simply looks at the law...... but none of those folks seem to have thought of that...... so it is easy to see that what they want is NOT a judge, but a n aimable legal missle.

                What we do NOT need are "damn the laws, I know what's right" types, of ANY stripe, such as have sometimes made it to state courts.

                [This message has been edited by J Tiers (edited 09-04-2005).]

                Keep eye on ball.
                Hashim Khan


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                  <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Forrest Addy:
                  Dammit here we go again. I'm not the mommy here but I do suggest you with thoughts about Rehnguist's passing post them but leave partisan politics out of it. </font>

                  The voice of reason in an otherwise murky sea of political opinion.
                  Maybe Neil can add a political opinion board. Somewhere remote. Surrounded by barbed wire. Soundproofed so the children can't hear.
                  We are talking about machining here aren't we?


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                    Nice idea. I suggest we call it "The scrap bin" . And have a automatic dump of all topics once a month. This would be so that the narrowminded on both sides of commensense would think they are posting something new and exciting that will change all the other side to their way of thinking and then the world would turn into Utopia. It just goes to show that CHILDREN come in all ages and demographics.

                    Jim, By the river enjoying life...


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                      <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by JIMofalltrades031:
                      Nice idea. I suggest we call it "The scrap bin" . </font>
                      Second that. What a great name. I read, enjoy, and post my share of OT, so I can't complain, but I like your ideas here.
                      The curse of having precise measuring tools is being able to actually see how imperfect everything is.


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                        <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Rustybolt:

                        We are talking about machining here aren't we?

                        Actually, yes......

                        Try this on..... There are a lot of folks, mosly of one political stripe, who are completely for taking away all guns and other weapons from citizens. Lets NOT argue whether this is good or bad, just take it as read that a lot of folks would like to see all guns banned...

                        OK then.....

                        Now, your machine shop is CAPABLE of making weapons, specifically handguns. Maybe not AS capable as Ruger is, but your shop COULD do it.

                        Now, how would you like to have to register your tools, and perhaps provide identifying "fingermarks" for all your tools so that if you make a weapon it can be traced back to you?

                        Or, how about we just take that away from you, make it illegal to own that stuff unless you are a registered commecial shop? After all, you don't NEED that stuff, you aren't an authorized shop, and think what it could be used for...... How do WE know you won't make illegal weapons?

                        Better we take the tools away from you, to prevent it. And to buy steel or other materials, you need a permit. After all, you might still find a way to make a weapon without machines, the Afghans do.

                        Remember, handguns kill people, and if taking away all the tools to make them from unauthorized people will save the life of one innocent child, its all worth it......

                        Don't think it could happen?

                        It PROBABLY won't, for a while, but I think it eventually is likely inevitable... It certainly is POSSIBLE, because it is already true in certain countries, specifically Saudi Arabia, I understand.

                        Keep eye on ball.
                        Hashim Khan


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                          J. Tiers,

                          you are EXACTLY correct. and for the reasons you stated that is probably why it will never happen.

                          andy b.
                          The danger is not that computers will come to think like men - but that men will come to think like computers. - some guy on another forum not dedicated to machining