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OT- Katrina topic- a serious thought

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  • OT- Katrina topic- a serious thought

    Well I have had time to reflect a little more on the situation in New Orleans. I feel it is necessary for me to write this because in past few days I have made some posts that were not completely thought through and got involved in the heat of the topic and the sometimes biased views reported in the news.

    OK to my point of this post.

    There are obviously a lot of factors that contributed to the problems that are exposing themselves at this time. I think 2 of the biggest factors are complacency and the calculation of risk.

    Let’s take the first one- Complacency. There are 6 months of the year that are not part of Hurricane season. So for half of each year it is a given that the one thing that can cause major damage to a large area of the Southeast and Gulf states is not even a possibility. That makes us feel pretty good- out of sight,out of mind. Hurricane seasons come and go and you see other places take a beating. It doesn’t take too many seasons where before long you don’t even bat an eye when Hurricane “Xâ€‌ is out there churning and you have the smug attitude that “it’s not going to hit hereâ€‌. The predictions though getting better are still not down to a science re-enforcing your thoughts of invincibility. That last statement overlaps the next topic.

    The calculated risk- Let’s face it there is a risk associated with almost everything that we do daily. Whether it is conscience or sub conscience we calculate the risk associated with the activity. Sometimes its last minute and then its too late.

    Will I develop carpal tunnel from typing on this laptop keyboard lacking wrist support and less than ergonomic positioning? Experts say I will, but I don’t use it all day and I do kind of a modified hunt and peck anyway. I calculate my chances to be pretty low, so I’m not going to spend any money for wrist support or a good keyboard; I need to buy more tools anyway.

    Do I wear safety glasses when using my machine or power tools? You bet; I calculate the risk of getting a piece of something in my eye without them to be inevitable.

    I live in a concrete block house. I made it through all of the Hurricanes last year with only one of the stronger storms putting a large tree on my roof, and I lost power for only a few hours. I didn’t have any flooding. In addition the house has a hip and valley roof system with a moderate pitch and no gable ends- it is supposed to be superior to a gable style roof. Add to that fact that I put up hurricane panels over the windows and brace the doors when a storm is threatening. I keep plenty of water and canned foods on hand, I do not have a generator but I am willing to live without electrical power.

    Based on the facts that I have been given about the style of construction, past experience, chance of a direct hit, my ASSUMPTIONS that the house was built with integrity, and met or exceeded the building code at the time it was built in addition to the preparations that make before a storm and the conditions I am willing accept afterwards I calculate that I would be better off to stay than evacuate.
    Will I end up being a statistic? Based on my perception I don’t think so, but time and the powers that be will make that known.

    New Orleans is below sea level but the calculated mean time between catastrophic floods and the man made devices to control flooding and economics of its water port were to offset risks associated with building the city in that location

    Apply these 2 factors to the individual, local, state, regional and federal levels and you can how all the things that should and need to be considered can fall off the RADAR.

    Throw in financial burdens, lack of responsibility, regulations, bloated and inefficient systems and anything else you can think of at any level and there is going to be trouble.

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    I think you said it very well, they took the risk for way too many years after Hurricane Camille blew through and rebuilt the city to only survive a class 3 storm surge. I would say that was a terrible risk to take myself. I know the class 5 storm doesn't blow in every year, but the city has been flooded many times before when a storm blew over it. How many times in the past 35 years do you think they were told to evacuate because of a storm was coming and folks sat there and took the risk and stayed. I can tell you from personal experience that it was more than 5 times that I an remember myself. It has and always will be the responsibilty of a man to take care of himself and not depend on the govt to take care of him.


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      Oh come on guys.

      I have followed the other threads about this disaster.

      Mother nature has delt your country a devistating blow, no argument there.

      Nature will all ways be mightier than man. Unfortunately sometimes it likes to remind us of this.

      I keep having this song ring in my head, something like "united we stand devided we fall".

      Your the "United States of America".

      So pull together like we all know the USA can. Support those whose job it is to get what needs doing done to put it right.

      You have had one desaster, don't allow another to happen by being pulled apart by opertunists scoring points on the misery of thise caught in the storm.

      Just my .02 worth.



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        We have a lot of those opportunists, seeking to blame those they don't like for whatever it is possible to blame someone for. It is happening more and more, may be unstoppable as a trend.

        In fact, I predict the US is due to come apart inside of 25 years. Possibly within 5 years, depending. That is if we don't politically line up and shoot the folks in BOTH political parties.

        All this blue and red state stuff, the lack of interest in "issues" except as political leverage, and the effect of media, plus the last 40 years of attempts to convert the US to a 3rd world country by exporting all production. All that is destabilizing. It creates yet another "us" vs yet another "them". "Balkanizing" is the old term for that. That and "divide and conquer".

        Well teh divisions are there, and politicians and media (all types, including entertainment) are combined to encourage them, show them as sharper than they may be (self-fulfilling prophecy), and finally use them for gain.

        It shows that democracy, which I hate, is the worst form of government, and I am glad that the US isn't one. It is a representative republic, which is why it lasted so long. But it is in danger of flipping into an effective democracy.

        The way politicians work, attempts to create a democracy by an "end run" directly to create a tyranny of teh shouting mob, all voting as instructed, to get goodies. And the bastards LIKE if that same shouting mob that is FOR them could not be AGAINST them tomorrow, if they don't get the promised goodies.

        This NO deal should be a wake-up call for people to give some serious thought and action to leveling the economic picture. I am somewhat of a radical.... I can't understand why a CEO is worth $150 million in pay, nor why a set of bloodsucking lawyers should get $60 million for a tobacco lawsuit or an asbestos lawsuit.

        It is no more than a mafia. A set of padrones who trade the money among themselves and pay less than no attention to "people". At least the REAL old-time padrones DID see that their people were taken care of.

        The excess pay to the CEOs here would pay for many things, including factories and the workers pay. But they close factories, fire the workers, and get paid more to do it.

        Well, some of those ignored people took out their anger in NO when the restraints were off. Maybe a lot of them were only criminals, but the anger and its causes were there behind the crimes.

        I can COMPLETELY understand how young folks from the underclasses become suicide bombers, gang members, looters, etc. Why not? Who has paid any attention to their well being and dignity? Who has given them a chance to be different? Who has a mesage that can over-ride that of the gangs on their block (join us or be our enemy)? I expect we will have more gangs, and then bombers ka-booming soon, in a city near you.

        A little dynamite in the streets might shake up our local Ohkrana and lead to a recovery of the government by the people, instead of government by the rich people. A lousy way to do it though....

        I'd like to see that method avoided, and I don't want it. But I can see that it is nearly inevitable. NEITHER party is worth a damn, and neither is capable of the job of pulling the country together. Both are entrenched in a way that is hard to change, both in the power structure, and in their relative expressed (but not believed) platforms.

        And unfortunately, our Gehiem Sicherheitsdienst (really the Sicherheitsamt), is exactly the wrong way to deal with the internal threat, at least if that is the ONLY answer.

        Some people in the UK, and plenty more here, have the damnable effrontery to be surprised that "our own folks" are susceptible to a radical Islamist message, or any other message against the status quo. They are somewhat worse than stupid, because their stupidity is dangerous.

        Those folks are trying to make political hay out of all troubles, including NO, mostly to feather their own nests. They (both parties) have no particular interest in solving teh problems, because that would take away their opportunist ability to sieze the moment's trouble and bend it to suit their message, which when boiled down is "elect me so I can become richer as I step on you". Yes, both parties here, sorry to say.

        I don't want a "french revolution" here, but I see it coming. BOTH parties are saying "let them eat cake, (but vote for us, our cake is better)". A few more natural disasters, and it will be hastened.

        By the way, if you think that you can guess who I voted for from the above, I'd bet you are wrong.

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        Keep eye on ball.
        Hashim Khan