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Shop organizational tip - larger collets

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  • Shop organizational tip - larger collets

    A little shop tip if your so inclined.
    Been trying to find a way to keep my 215 collets organized. Seems that they were always laying around and when they are out of order, it is more difficult.

    An old pop bottle crate works well. And they are about $2-$5 at fleamarkets and auctions. I have about 4 of these things with collets in them. I can carry the whole lot over to the lathe if needed. Working on a rack to put them all on.

    Might work well for other collets also.

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    i guess my first shop tip would be that i need to get a machine CAPABLE of taking collets that big.

    andy b.
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      Looks good, I've got a ton of 4C collets to deal with, wish they made smaller bottles! I'll probably end up making some racks for them.

      Here's a nice storage drawer set up idea. Got this "E" size blue print file that was tossed out in a dumpster. More and more of these are being tossed out lately. It sort of gives you the area of 5 extra bench tops to cover with crap with out eating up floor space.
      Have fun,

      Ed Pacenka


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        I built a steel table years ago. When I got my SB9, I mounted it on that table. It uses a half inch piece of steel for a top.
        Later when I got a blueprint drawer, I mounted it under the lathe, like the above picture. Works great, and makes me keep the drawers shut to keep out chips! (Actually the tabletop extends past the drawer openings so that isn't a problem.
        David from jax
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          Cool idea, too bad I couldn't seel one if I had to.

          Tried to get 2 different print drawers about a year ago and lost out on both. Both were going to be free, but by the time that I got over there, both, gone.

          Now I regret not driving over to the place faster.
          Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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            Yeah, my great plan for storing all my 1/4" and smaller screws in thrift store golf bags isn't working out too well. The ones I need are always at the bottom. I gotta try that recently discovered high tech process called "sorting" one of these days.


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              Here's a question;

              If you wanted to build some wood drawers to hold collets and other (ferrous) metal tools, what wood would you use? I have heard of some species having a natural rust deterrent qualities.