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?? for toolpost grinder guru !!!

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  • ?? for toolpost grinder guru !!!

    Okay..regarding my latest aquisition; a Dumore "Toolmaker" model 44 grinder: Spoke to the guys at Dumore, they're sending me the only manual they have available which doesn't go back as far as this machine apparently. I've got it stripped down with little problem (its an amazingly well-built contraption!) and I'm waiting on spindle bearings. My question is: how should these be set up with regards to the preload adjustment??


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    I haven't looked at my spindles in a LOOOOONg time, but I strongly suspect that since there is a lot of thermal action around these animals that your preload control will be a thing called a low k-rate wavy washer, or a spring finger washer.

    ie. one end will be fixed, and the other will float by using a spring load "bearing" upon the outer race "springing" from the end bell.

    Too much end thrust on Ball bearings is evermore a killer diller so somewhere between 5 and 20 lbsf should do the job.
    A lot depends of the size bearings involved.

    Bearing induced vibration is also a killer diller, so you need enough to keep bearing induced vibration under control but NOT much more.

    HTH Ag


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      There is an actual coil preload spring inside teh pulley on older model 14 (the little one) Dumore grinders.

      Wavy washer or belleville would be likely

      Keep eye on ball.
      Hashim Khan