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Anybody Have a Manual for an Anilam Wizard DRO?

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  • Anybody Have a Manual for an Anilam Wizard DRO?

    I have checked Anilam site, they do not list a manual for my model. This DRO is mounted on a 10ee I just purchased, and I want to know what features and resolutions it has available, and how to use them. It only says wizard on it, it does not have a number, so I assume is the original wizard. I would be happy with a copy, an e-mailed scan, or a PDF if available. I have attached a picture of the DRO so you can see exactly what it is. Any help greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Ed I have the lathe series Anilan DRO wizard. It would seem that mine is a later modle but the face of your looks similar to mine.

    If you would like I could scan my manual and you could check this manual aginist what your DRO will do.

    I think it would work except that mine would have more features.

    Have you tried calling Anilan in Fl. I do have their phone number if needed.

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