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OT - sorry another one - A Reality TV show

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  • OT - sorry another one - A Reality TV show

    We've all seen the explosion of reality TV, right? Well what about a reality TV show about machining and really making things? I'd like to nominate our very own ibewgypsie to star in such a venture. Here's my thinking:

    I get the impression that this guy can and does make almost anything. He seems to be a lot more real and interesting than the current offerings. There is a demonstrated productivity, and the ability to document the work. The guy's not slick, and that makes the whole idea a lot more believable.

    I forsee a couple of obstacles, but they can probably be addressed.

    1. He'd have to have a lot of money thrown at him to get him to tolerate having a producer, director, and camera crew buzzing about. And David's dog would have to like them, too.

    2. A lot of the guy's creativity seems to stem from not wanting to dump a lot of money into something that doesn't have to be bought - it can be fabricated. If he gets a lot money, what's gonna happen? The scale of the projects could grow, and there might have to be pressure to resist becoming an "integrator" (assembler), like the OCC gang. Personally, I think ibew could handle this.

    3. It might not be fun to watch him doing all that programming. Perhaps that part of the show could be filled in with bits of history about the guy, interviews with family and friends, or hordes of bikers and such having a fun day off at a theme park.

    4. It would need to air on HBO or something like that, so the inevitable tirade wouldn't have to be completely edited out.

    5. It needs a good name. Not some "we're bad and thumping on our chests" name, but one that reflects the right attitude. Something suggesting that "it can be done - get some parts together and let's get working".

    I propose that the pilot episode be about a combination of the "doggy cam" mentioned in one of ibew's previous postings, and the toy described on his web site. (The toy is a robot that homes in on a target and chases it. If the target stops, the toy retreats, etc.) It involves interesting technology, stuff that anyone can get their hands on, and something that perhaps could be explained in a way that aspiring gadgeteers could understand and maybe duplicate. Oh yeah, and the end result could wind up being a real hoot to watch.

    Am I crazy, or is this a job for ibew? I'm almost not kidding, here.
    The curse of having precise measuring tools is being able to actually see how imperfect everything is.

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    Could not agree with you more. As I said in an old thread:



    "I reminded him klingons were lil balls of toilet paper that didn't get wiped off.. He'd turn purple."


    ibew, I wish you had your own show - I'd tune in everyday. Your humor is priceless!



    Not to mention he is also a master at improvising with what's available and duing it on a low budget.



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      Its been done "Junk yard wars" but he missed his calling somehow.

      The tame Wolf !


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        I think that would be great also, he could always do a cut to the kitchen to show some of the real cookin he talked about. He is personally responsible for several drools on the kwyboard!
        mark costello-Low speed steel


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          Please wolf, don't cheapen ibew's work. Junkyard wars is a great idea but in practice it is a pretty bogus show. Magically everything needed is found in working condition in the junkyard. The workmanship is shoddy etc I could go on.

          I would love a real show featuring ibew building stuff. I'm interested in learning computer interface devices myself but have no idea where to start.


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            TRYP, Did you see the smiley at the top of my post? Do you know what It means?

            IF, David thought I meant something negative, David MY friend would have said something to me.Do you have a problem with that also?

            The tame Wolf !


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              I knew you were intending sarcasm, it's all good man.