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OT -help! #@*&%$ plastic bumpers

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  • OT -help! #@*&%$ plastic bumpers

    The front bumper on my 97 Malibu is cracked. A slow slide into a snowbank on an icy road when it was -40 and the "bumper" cracked.

    I have tried contact cement, two types of plastic pipe cement, and epoxy, all to no avail.

    Any suggestions?

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    <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ricksplace:

    Any suggestions?
    New bumper perhaps, or a used one froma junkyard.


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      New bumper is $600. My friends call me a CFT. (cheap F*&^%$# teacher)


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        Go to a place that sells automotive paint. They have glues and bonders and fillers for plastic parts... Its an easy fix... But you neeed the correct glue that only an automotive paint store will have.. NOT PEPBOYS or A&A. They will tell you EXACTLY how to apply it for a strong bond.


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          Fill it with car body filler and file or sand smooth and respray in colour of previous paint.Believe me it works
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            That bumper look pretty tough to get behind. If you can put in a backing plate of some aluminum and some small countersunk bolts from the the front to hold the crack together. Then do as Alistair suggested.
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              Here is an online source for plastic mending supplys:
              I haven't had any experience with their products. I found the site while I was looking for a way to repair the cracked grill on my 2000 Chevy conversion van, but when I took it in to be inspected, they wouldn't pass it since the turn signals are fastened to the grill. Aparentlly the rules say that turn signals must be securely fastened, and duct tape doesnt count. So, I took the easy, fast and expensive$$$$$$$ way out and had a new grill installed.


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                Evan -you're right, you pretty much have to remove the bumper to get behind it.

                ahidley -I'll try the local auto paint and body supply shop and see what they recommend.

                If I can just get it to stick, then I can bodyfill and paint.

                Thanks guys.


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                  I found what you need.

                  crap. the link won't post. This is a 3M product

                  Duramixâ„¢ Thermoplastic Olefin Repair (TPO) 04036, 6 fl oz Cartridge, 6 per case
                  [click to enlarge]

                  Urethane for repairing TPO-type plastics including, Metton (found on many snowmobiles), Polypropylene (found on most Japanese car bumpers, EPDM (found on many European cars), TEO (found on many 1995 and later bumpers).

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                  Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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                    Don't use regular body filler. It won't stay on and it'll crack. They make a specific filler for flexible plastic bumpers but it will probably cost more than a new bumper cover. (The stuff really stinks too.) If you have to remove the cover to fix it. Blow that, and get a new one.

                    I don't know where you got $600 for a front bumper cover. That has to be dealer R&R + paint?

                    A front bumper cover (#12463112) is about $58. Labor for overhaul is about 2.5 hrs and paint is about 3.2 hours. Paint & materials would be about $150-$175.

                    Buy the bumper cover and take it to a body shop to match your color. If you can put it on yourself, you can save about $300-$400.


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                      Thanks guys. I didn't know you could get a bumper cover. The price I was quoted was for a complete new bumper, installed and painted. Evan -I'll see if I can find the product you mentioned first and fix it myself.

                      I don't care if the crack shows. Actually, I hate it when my crack shows. I'm not even a plumber.

                      I hardly ever drive the car anyway since my daughter got her license. I don't want to drive my 3/4 ton 4wd with gas at 1.25 a litre, so I've been riding my bicycle. 12km to work, mostly downhill. I feel like Lance Armstrong on the way to work, and Homer Simpson on the way home.


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                        If it is mostly downhill into work, how about the ride home after a long day? All uphill?

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                          Crown Vic $2500 installed. Co-worker rear-ended a Geo Metro.... no damage to Geo, busted the bumper on the Vic.

                          All because the ABS chose that moment to have a brain spasm...and shut off the brakes.

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                            Something else to try - we had our bumper fascia fixed by a local guy that only repairs bumpers - for local car dealers. $150 all said and done. It was worth it not to have to mess with it. Check around with the smaller used car dealers or an auction house - they can steer you to the right people.

                            Good luck either way you go.


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                              <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ricksplace:
                              I feel like Lance Armstrong on the way to work, and Homer Simpson on the way home.</font>
                              What's the best way to get coffee off of an LCD screen without putting minute scrathes in it ?

                              HWWhiting, had you pegged for a New Yorker and sure enough, when I checked, there it was! Ain't it great how the NYS Legislature spends other peoples money? Actually there was a reason for the law. Seems the number of motorist using duct tape to tape their cars together was artifically raising the cost of new homes. Heating contractors were having to steel duct tape off the cars in parking lots to finish a home. God Bless New York State for taking such good care of us and covering every possible thing that might, or might not, go wrong in our lives!

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