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  • Fema Giveing Debit cards

    $2000.00 cards are being given to refugees, WOW

    The tame Wolf !

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    You don't... have... to live like a refugee.
    Sorry, someone had to do it.

    $2K sounds good to me, but I bet it doesnt make a dent if you've lost everything.

    As much as I get pissed about government spending, at least money went to someone who needs it instead of the fat cats pockets.

    But Im sure we will hear how some congressman found a way to skim some of that refugee money into his pocket as well.

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      Hey ATM cards but no ATMs. That is how our government "trys" to fix problems, throw money at it.

      FEMA showed up after the Nothridge, Ca. earthquake. I dont remember them "giving" any money away. Sure you could get a loan or a low interest rate SBA loan but freebie, he, no way. And yes, if was not comparable on scale but there were still people in need and displaced from their homes.

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        I can only pray to God that they can be used to buy beer and cigarettes.


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          That's the two things that it can't be spent on. But don't worry, somebody will figure away around that.


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            $2000 debit cards, huh?

            My wife and I were just discussing our local homeless, the guys at the freeway exits begging for money, the "will work for food" types. (most actually don't want to work for food, just want handouts).

            We were thinking the smartest thing those guys could do would be to head straight for the hurricane area and plead they'd been wiped out.


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              A freak thing happened here in Portland, Oregon.
              A piece of Katrina broke off and went rite through my shop!
              Messed it all up.
              Think I have a claim?

              Tom M.


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                Tom, look here:


                Maybe you'll get lucky and be able to collect your $2000 debit card.

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                  I bought a card on ebay for $300.

                  just kidding.


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                    I'm willing to bet that most of those people would rather have their homes and all their stuff back instead of a debit card for 2000 bucks.
                    Personally I have no trouble with them spending it on anything they want. Once you give something to somebody it's theirs to do with what they want.Otherwise it isn't charity.


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                      The problem I see with the $2000. is, why do they get it when other people in other parts of the country who get wiped out do not. Gary P. Hansen
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                        "Personally I have no trouble with them spending it on anything they want. Once you give something to somebody it's theirs to do with what they want.Otherwise it isn't charity."

                        Charity is not a one-way street. There's an implied trust when receiving charity; it says that the recepient will use the money to get back on his/her feet, not to get drunk. Doesn't it piss you off at least a little knowing that the money the government took from you is buying some hump his daily pack of smokes? That's money you could have used to buy your 5 year old daughter her next meal.

                        Besides, I don't recall FEMA being a 'charity' agency. Disaster assistance is not charity.


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                          I seem to recall that if you were a white woman, living in a large house in the suburbs, with two $50,000 cars, and a leather couch, and your husband died in the WTC terrorist attack on 9-11, you got a free check for up to several MILLION dollars.

                          So I cant get very upset when somebody who lost their house, their pets, their furniture, EVERY SINGLE THING they owned, along with, in many cases, friends and relatives, along with their job, hell, their whole town- they get 2 grand.

                          Even if you were a smart guy, who bundled your family into the car, and evacuated, how long would you last with no job, no house, no stuff, no income, just on the money in your checking account?

                          I dont know what the answer is, but a couple of grand from the feds isnt gonna do much but tide most of these folks over for a couple of weeks- at best, they are staying in motels, and eating all their meals out- at worst, like the guy arrested in Atlanta for panhandling, they are living in their cars with their whole families.


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                            I'd be quite pissed off if I lost everything and the government only gave me a 2k ATM card. Last year I paid over 50K in federal/state taxes. Whatever amount they give people, it should be more or less inline with what these people have been giving to the government.


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                              Most prol'y never seen 2k all at one shot,I would take it and start a new life somewhere.Or at least try.

                              The tame Wolf !