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  • Boyar

    Oops, I wanted the title to be "Boyar Schulz grinder questions", but I bumped enter when I wanted shift. So now I'm stuck with "Boyar"

    I just bought a Boyar Schulz surface grinder for $510. Supposedly works but I didn’t get to see it run. I have already started to partially disassemble it as seen in these pictures. This one has more options than others that I’ve seen including rapid head up & down.

    I had to take some weight off because it is still on my trailer and the only thing that I have to lift it off is a cable puller. It’s in dire need of some maintenance anyway since the way covers for the center portion of the saddle were bad. This thing sat outside for about 2 weeks and apparently a mouse decided to store some corn under the table.

    My excitement for the day was lifting the table off. I’m guessing 150 lbs. so I used the cable puller to lift it off. Then I moved the trailer out from under it, but then when I started to lower it the cable puller ratchet decided to slip. The table dropped two feet and grabbed suddenly just before hitting the corner of my trailer and my foot ( I was standing on the rail of the trailer). “$# $^%^-^$ son of a %^^$$* %##!!!â€‌
    I will be buying a new one before I lift off the grinder.

    Question 1: Is someone familiar with these controls? I didn’t get a manual. The electrical is all labeled but I could only guess at the levers and knobs. It would be nice to know what’s going to happen when I turn on the power.

    Question 2: Does anyone know how to take the saddle off? I was able to lift off the table easily, but the drive is apparently holding the saddle down. I removed the bolts in the center which are directly over the yoke.
    I just realized that the yoke could be stuck. I will screw in a longer bolt tomorrow and rap on it with a hammer.

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    Super Dave

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    By "cable puller", do you mean a wire rope come-a-long?
    If so, please get one of these

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      Yes most of the wire rope cable pullers are just waiting to kill someone. There are good ones out there but they cost more that $20.00
      Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.


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        Chef BOYARdee



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          yup. I meant a come along. I will be using a borrowed a chain hoist.

          I did get the saddle off. There was a hidden bolt under a bracket.
          Super Dave