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Vacuum Chucks and Vacuum Pumps

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  • Vacuum Chucks and Vacuum Pumps

    Would the small vacuum pumps used for freon
    reclamation be a suitable vacuum source for
    a 6" x 6" area vacuum chuck? What size holes
    should you use for the surface of a 6"x6"
    vacuum chuck? Are larger vacuum pumps loud
    and noisy when they are running?

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    not enough info. how low are you pumping?

    I use two 5hp pumps with the air exhaust outside on the roof. 10 inch vac. at 100 CFM.

    At 3450 rpm it sounds like an airplane taking off. Water cooled. Demands respect.

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      The small pump will probably work. Vacuum chucks I have seen have many very small holes, like 1/16" or 3/32" on 1/4" or less centers. Mask off the holes not in use with masking tape. As long as the part is flat and you get a good seal, pump size is kind of irrelevant, you can only get so much nothing if you follow me.
      Jim H.


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        The vacuum chucks I have built do not have a lot of holes ,but rather use a gasket that seats only the edge of the part. I realize that won't work with real thin material.
        Keep in mind the holding force is a function of surface area and pressure differential. So it is important to have as much area as possible. At one atmospere you have only 14.7PSI holding force.
        As to pumps--the little self contained Gast pumps are quiet--they sound like an airbrush compressor.

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