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    If there was a 100% USA made lathe, that was the same size, and did the same thing, an an Import 12x36, (just an example), what would you be willing to pay for it? Consider that the Imports sell for $1995 to $2400. I am not talking about an exact clone, this one would have a few refinements. Just a similar sized machine with all the features made in the USA.

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    Unfortunately, there are no lathes made in USA in this size, near this price. I would not buy an import at any price, but will, and have, bought an American machine (Sheldon) in excellent condition for less than 1/4 of that price.
    Jim H.


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      I think you can still get the South Bend 10L, and there's always the Hardinge toolroom lathe, but you're talking about 10X the prices you're quoting, or more.

      At this point in time, JCHannum probably has the best idea: look for "good used American."

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        The unfortunate part is that regardless of quality and what I "would" pay, there's the factor (and I think one that affects most HSM's) of what I "can" pay. I don't think any lathe over 3K would sell to the HSM crowd (that I know). I certainly couldn't even afford that right now.


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          All of my machines are good used not abused american machines (all of which I can still obtain parts for, except one.)
          I could not even have gotten import machines of lesser quality for what I paid for the ones I have now.
          You do need to check used machines very carefully however, be wary.

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            <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2"> and there's always the Hardinge toolroom lathe, but you're talking about 10X the prices you're quoting, or more.</font>
            More. The HLV-EM (the english/metric threading toolroom with DRO) is about $41k right now.



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              I will join in with most of you and agree I like the old used american machine tools. I saved up for yrs. and bought a used Bridgeport for 2200. and I have an old 10 in. Logan , that works good. And I just bought an old Leblond 13 inch x 54 built around 1944. It is heavy 2600 # and geared low 50 to 500 rpm with taper attachment, collet set and closurer and steady rest. The price I gave was good, of course at a tool auction. Only problem it is 1100 miles away. I will go after it with a trailer next week. Some will say it is old, but I have seen old equipment that works when newer fails. What think ye? a new member Paul



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                "I would not buy an import at any price"

                No British, Germany, Swiss, or Japanese machine at any price? Everything you purchase or own is made in the USA? Everything?


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                  I've been waiting to get jumped on for that. Realized my mistake later. The imports I am referring to are the low dollar asian machines. Many of the European machines are excellent quality, and few are in that price range.
                  Jim H.


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                    I would be willing to pay around $8000 for an american made 10x40 lathe with the accessories.Assuming that the quality was equal to the quality of the older american made lathes.