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  • 6" atlas lathe

    A friend of mine has the chance to buy one of two 6" atlas lathes. One has a mica under cutter. Both have basic tooling, 3 & 4 jaw, tool holders etc.
    The one with the mica cutter is the old style and the other is the newer style like sears sold in the 70's.
    I think he might be happier with a machine with a quick change box but he is dead set on one of these two.
    I told him I would try and find out what they would be worth. If any of you have an idea please speak (or post) up.
    Thanks in advance for the help, Rick.

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    About 7 years ago I sold my old Atlas 6" which I purchased new around 1981 for $500. It was mounted on a homemade wooden bench with the motor included. I did not sell the chucks or tooling at that price. I saw a 6" Atlas lathe from one of the used machinery dealers at this year's NAMES show in Detroit for $600. It was on a stand and beautifully restored. Don't remember if it had tooling or not. It was still there with no sold sign on it at the end of the show!


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      Around St Louis they seem to run the gamut, but I have seen "needs repair" for around $250, and "fully tooled" up to $800 or so.

      Don't know if the $800 sold or at what figure,but I wanted to buy the $250 one (for a bit less) and it sold at $250. It was partly apart, and needed lots of work. But it had roller bearings and some tooling.


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        I have an Atlas 10100 that was probably made in the 70's. Don't know if I paid too much or not, but gave $450. Had standard tower toolpost, all change gears, 3 & 4 jaw chucks, tailpost drill chuck and a few tool cutters. In very good condition with 1/3 HP motor. All mounted on a square steel tubing framework that was welded up.

        Had to replace the crossslide gibs and need to do a little repair to the backgear engagement locking ring, but other than that it is in great condition.


        What part of St. Louis do you live in?
        I'm in Florissant. Glad to hear about someone in the neighborhood. Maybe we can start our own PRIME (or SLIME )



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          Tell him to stop being stingy and do the correct thing, buy both!! If the same guy is selling both of them ~ offer 70% of the combined price.



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            I wish I had mine back those times I have a itty, bitty job to do, like making pins and/or screws. It was a jewel!! I bought it brand new in 1971 (I think) from the old Moore-Handley Hardware Company. I think I gave around $450.00 for it, complete with motor, reversing switch,4 jaw chuck, headstock Jacobs chuck, center rest, etc.


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              Ragarsed Raglan has it spot on! Package the deal and you can wheel and deal on the $$$.

              Regards, Ken


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                Thanks so much all of you! The same fellow is not selling both machines or we would have made the deal in a heart beat.
                My friend really likes my little atlas. It is a late 70's or early 80's model. It is in like new condition.
                It came with 3 & 4 jaw chucks, tail stock chuck, spur & cup centers for wood turning, a milling attachment and mills, chip pan, full set of change gears, boring bars and holders, tool holders, some tools and live center too.
                It also came with a tool box to store it all in, original manual & atlas running a lathe manual. I paid $410.00 when I bought it a few years back.
                I figured I got a good deal. I wasn't sure what they were worth though.
                I have other larger machines but for teeney jobs it can't be beat.
                Thanks again for the help, Rick.

                Does anyone know if atlas made a 7" lathe?


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                  still have my first lathe, 1956 craftsman ,w/ abt every access sears had..great little machine , only limited by capacity .... saw a post abt milling attach & just for fun , put it on xslide & took a .030 full cut w/ 3/8 endmill on steel problem & no visible chatter.......have 12 & 14 in lathes ,but would not sell little crftsmn almost 50 yrs fooling w/ atlas /crftsmn , have not seen nor heard of a factory 7 in.
                  best wishes,

                  p.s.easy enuf to block up at least 1/2in, but it works awfully well as is , when set up right w/ sharp tool.


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                    Thanks for the info. Btw you can also add 10" or so in length to the bed and a qc gearbox to the small lathe. Both are articles from hsm or pim.


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                      I don't believe that Atlas ever made a 7" lathe. 6" &12" yes. Why don't you email them? They are still in Kalamazoo Michigan but no longer make any small lathes that I'm aware of.
                      BTW I toured their factory when they were just setting up their new CNC lathe to turn out 6" spindles 'way back in 1977. Apparently no one had ever asked to take a tour before as they were totally confused by the question!! After much discussion an executive level decision was made somewhere and I got my tour. The guide was lady who eveidentally had never been on the shop floor before! I just steered to whatever I wanted to see. Real interesting tour!
                      Regards, Ken


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                        Thanks Ken,
                        I got a close up look at he machine today and it is a 6". The fellow had been gone so we couldn't see it until now. We only had the owners description. It was off as I had thought. I don't know where he got the 7" but until I showed him it was 6 he knew it was 7.