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oxy gasoline cutting torch - oPetrol cutting torch

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  • oxy gasoline cutting torch - oPetrol cutting torch

    oxy gasoline cutting torch - oPetrol cutting torch

    Cutting steel with an oxy-fuel torch? Try oPetrol oxy gasoline cutting torch-- safe, handy and saving up to 90% on fuel cost compared to acetylene or propane cutting torch.

    Visit for more info

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    OH S**T!!!


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      The website notes that gas is so much cheaper than acetylene. Have they checked the price of gas lately?

      I wonder what the startup cost is. Since it is so much cheaper than oxy/acetylene to run, does that mean that it is 5 times more to purchase the equipment?
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        We been using oxy/propane for years. Also propane is cheap per unit of heat and since gasoline/petrol is heavily taxed and propane is not a significant portion of our process fuel gas bill does not go to pay seven men to lean on their shovels and swill coffee while the eighth directs traffic jams around the obstacles they make with their trucks and equipment.

        While gasoline/petrol/propane make good cutting fuels they fall short of acetylente for welding and concentrated heating. They simple don't have the flame temperature of acetylene.

        Here's from AWESCO:

        "Are alternate fuel gases appropriate for use in welding and heating? The actual flame temperature of acetylene is 5720 deg F, while propane is only at 5130 degrees F. But the heat value of an acetylene flame is rated at 1470 BTU per cubic foot, while a propane flame puts out a whopping 2563 BTU per cubic foot. What gives?

        "A close look at the distribution of heat and the way gases burn in the flame reveals that most of the energy given off by the burning acetylene is concentrated in the primary combustion zone, the inner cone of the flame. Fed by the torch oxygen, this inner cone attains a very high heat value, leaving little of the heat of the gas left in the outside flame envelope. Propane, on the other hand, has less energy burned in the inner cone, and the majority of the heat value of the gas is present in the outer envelope. Because of this, there is not enough heat concentrated in the propane inner cone to puddle steel ineffectively for welding.

        "Interestingly, the same reasons hold as to why, conversely, propane performs as a better gas for heating applications. Propane’s heat value in the outside envelope is very high and is spread through the entire envelope, so it makes a superior heating flame that tends to “saturateâ€‌ heat into a workpiece. Since acetylene’s heat is concentrated in the inner cone, it tends to heat a small focused area very quickly and the heat input does not diffuse as evenly through the workpiece."

        I suspect the performance of gasoline/petrol as a cutting/welding fuel would fall closer to propane than to acetylene since gasoline has no double bonded carbons to spunk up the flame temperature.


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          Gasoline cutting torches have been around for a long time- but the US made ones are big, expensive, and specialised- they work okay for cutting, not much good for welding or heating. They use them in industry for heavy duty cutting.

          But why would you pay $575 for this questionable chinese model, when there is no parts or service in the US, and, as mentioned, gas is going up?

          A plain old oxy-fuel set, either propane or acetylene, has the advantage of being available cheaper, with the two main brands, Victor and Smith, being sold in every town in america. Resale value, parts availability, and proven rugged long life will keep me sticking with my Victor, thanks.


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            Where's the outcry against commercial advertising here? This seems about as blatent as it get.
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              Consider it posted.

              Denniswang, Did you bother to read the rules before posting an illeagle post?

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                For silver-brazing (not welding), the Sievert propane torch is hard to beat. I have really enjoyed the set I purchased about 3 years ago. Propane, with its lower flame temperature and higher heating value works GREAT for model boiler work and silver brazing as the entire part is heated very quickly. It's also great entertainment for the kids as the roar of a large torch sounds like the blast on a hot-air balloon, only it's constant (my largest tip is about 26 kW -- ok, it helps if you're a pyro. :-)

                Seriously, I brazed up a brass muffler for my 0.27ci flat-head single last weekend. The barrel is 1/2" OD by 0.014" wall brass tubing with a 1/4" brass tube coming in at an angle. Brazing alloy was EasyFlo-45. It would be pretty difficult to braze these with a welding torch. Simple with Propane. Total weight of the muffler is about 7/8 - oz. If anyone is interested, I could post a photo.


                Todd Snouffer
                Littlelocos Model Engineering


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                  <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by lynnl:
                  Where's the outcry against commercial advertising here? This seems about as blatent as it get.</font>
                  That was what my comment was about, thought he would be hounded out of here by now.

                  Just a thought and I don't know what they put in petrol in lother cuntries but what about the posibility of lead or the other nasty things they put in petrol?

                  I have to make a change here. I have been using oxy/acet for years under an exchange bottle scheme but it is finished and the next time my bottles empty I will have to pay a rental if I want to continue. I think I will change to oxy/propane I have used this in workshops very sucessfully for cutting and heating I know I can't weld with it perhaps I see a mig or tig comming up, oh darn another gas bottle. Don't think anyone does a you own the bottle scheme here any more.



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                    oPetrol oxy-gasoline cutting torch won the honor of "China Excellent Quality Product ". On August 29th, oPetrol oxy-gasoline torch is honored "China Excellent Quality Product of Welding and Cutting Machinery and Tools" by CQGC (China Light Industry Product Quality Governing Center). It is a milestone in the history of gasoline torch development. oPetrol has been the world leader in the sector of oxy-gasoline torch business. The company is exporting its ox-gasoline cutting and blowing torches to countries like Japan and the USA.