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What is aluminum tooling plate?

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  • What is aluminum tooling plate?

    I recently bought some nice pieces of scrap 1" aluminum plate...rather than a grade like "6061-T651" they have "Tooling Plate" printed on them. I assume tooling plate composition differs with manufacturer. But what differentiates tooling plate from standard plate? Is it better?

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    Hmm, yeah...
    Tooling plate is manufactured by a number of folks, and sold with names like Alca Plus, Fortal, and Alumold.
    On the whole, it's largely the same stuff as any other Aluminum alloy, but great care has been taken to see to it, that the finished sheet holds very exact tolerances and has been heat-treated to maintain a form stable material devoid of internal stresses.

    Hi-qual stuff for picky people; if you bought it as scrap then good for you. Enjoy.

    I shouldn't say much, since I just looked it up in a book. Perhaps someone more qualified can fill you in on the material's use and applications.


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      Tooling plate is used to machine tooling and fixtures. It is easier machining than other aluminum alloys, but does not have the tensile strength. It behaves much like cast iron in that it is brittle.
      I would not use in high strength applications, or where personal safety is involved.
      Jim H.