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Garvin #2 Horizontal Mill?

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  • Garvin #2 Horizontal Mill?

    A friend who inherited a workshop has a Garvin #2 Horizontal mill with lots of bits and pieces he wants to sell it. It's got a new(ish) 120v motor on it and it's working condition (main bushing seems Ok and table feed works). I searched here and eBay and could not find any real information or pricing. Anyone have any idea what something like this would go for? I can think of lots of uses for it and want to give him a fair but reasonable price.


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    Here is Tony's website information.

    It is difficult to put a price on a machine like this. If it appears to be in good working order, and is a universal mill, including the dividing head and change gears, it would be of value for gear cutting.

    If it fills a need that you are lacking and fits your budget, it is a good value to you
    Jim H.


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      The dividing head is long gone I think.

      I'd like to modify it to add a spindle driven belt sander for tube coping. A small horizontal turn table and vee block mounted to the table with the belt running horizontally in the opposite direction would work very nicely. A hand full of spindle diameters and a belt cover/dust catcher would make my frame building much more efficient. I might also make some rollers and use it for long radius tube bending.

      Thanks for the link...


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        Hi Glen,

        Although the dividing head is gone, there may still be some index plates, sector arms, and handle for same. I need all of these parts for a restoration that I'm doing. Please advise if any are available. Thank you.

        Leigh W3NLB

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          I've got a Garvin 13 1/2 Mill I aquired from a farmer about 6 years ago. Damn thing was apparently somebodys love interest some years ago (Nice scraping job,good alignment,NO slop on the screws, and a pretty good job of converting from lineshafting). Paid $100.... There is no real market value for stuff like this. If you want it, pay what ever you feel comfortable with, knowing that it may have NO value to anyone close enough to buy it.


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            i'd agree with lklb. i picked up an old Hisey horizontal mill (similar to the Garvin on the page) for $35, and i could've got it for less but i had to give the guy SOMETHING for it since he helped load it. they really aren't worth more than scrap except to someone who wants to tinker with OLD iron. i'd say anything over scrap value that you feel comfortable offering your friend and not offending him, is probably what the mill is worth.

            as lklb said, you will probably never find another person to sell it to within reasonable driving distance.

            andy b.
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